The time has come.  I know you want it.  I’ve heard you.  Out there on my porch, pacing back and forth, scratching at the corners of my window to find a loose spot, whining like a small dog.  I even heard some screams last night that had “I want my scanned copy of the 1978 edition of Betty Crocker’s Cooky Book!!” written all over them.

I told you I was gonna do it and, for the love of…something, I freaking did it.

This was probably my first cook book ever – given to me by my mom – and I swear to god I have spent approx 3/28 of my life looking at it.  I’ve made quite a few of the cookies and I was gonna list them here but I’m too fucking tired after all the epic photoshopping I just did.  So you’re just gonna have to figure out which ones are my favorites all on your own.

Feast your eyes on all of the cookie possibilities in your future.  Seriously LOOK AT THIS SHIT!!

All this, and more (seriously, it’s the whole book – cover to cover, table of contents, index, every-freaking-thing), can be yours…by cruising over HERE.

Merry Freaking Christmas!