No gab.  Just tags!

Ok, maybe a little gab – I’m mean where the hell do you think you are anyways?

These all seem to be from sometime circa 60s or early 70s-ish times…

I love the cute candles!

And I love this one with the little houses…ok – I love all of these.   The horse and carriage one with little houses and trees is super cute too!

And here’s Santa riding around on his traditional giant bell.  Whatever Santa.  You ride that bell if it makes you happy.

This one is def 70s – and it’s a folding one so you can print it out to do that if you want.  Or you can make it a one-sided tag if that’s more your thing.

And if you go HERE you can find super groovy ideas for wrapping your xmas presents and using these nifty tags simultaneously!!