Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Mag

Today as a special treat for Halloween I have some images from the April 1967 issue of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine.

And as an extra special treat I have a download of the pdf of the entire magazine at the end of the post.








































Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 1.32.23 PM


And HERE is the full magazine with all the stories.

Now I just checked the whole pdf out and I noticed that there are a few pages out of order around p. 145.  All the pages are there, you’ll just have to go back and forth a bit to get the whole gist.

Don’t get too bent out of shape though cause this is one of my very first pdfs, and it is the quality you have come to expect from Craftypants Carol, after all….



4/19-A Go Go – Hammond Organ Dance Party!!!!

It’s that time again!

Time to celebrate my birthday by dancing the day and night away on a non stop roller coaster of fun with the whole rest of the world.

Usually I create a special mix for this occasion – but there’s a bit of a time crunch at the old CPC fun factory so this year I’m presenting you with a premade album.

Yes.  This year my gift to all of you is none other than Big Jim “H” and his Hammond Organ Dance Party!

cover square

 You will not be able to control your feet when you hear Big Jim “H” tickle the plastic ivories to such dance classics as My Sweet Lord and House of the Rising Sun.

This is my very own rip of a cassette

side 1

so prepare yourself for that.

Included in the download is all the artwork including the original full tape cover,

cover whole

the cropped cover that you see up yonder, the cropped tape cover with little old me getting down (obv to The Theme From Love Story)

cover square with cpc

and very my own CPC within a CPC meta cover!  How fancy and crafty is that!?!??!

4-19 a go go cover

As well as the tape scans and all that great hammond organ dance music!

And HERE IT IS!!!!

Yay!!!!!  Now go dance like a whirlwind to My Way and Ruby Tuesday!!!!

Music to Be Scared By…

music to be scared by

Once again I bring you my fave places where you can go to find really cool Halloween music.  If you were hanging around here last year you’ll notice that a lot of these are the same sites I directed you back then – but who cares!  It’s cool shit!!!!  And there new stuff too!

Cottage of Electric Hell


I freaking love this blog.  It’s custom soundtracks for some pretty obscure British horror ripped from VHS – so there’s dialogue and background music and everything mixed together.  This first link is def still working – but you’ll have to wind your way through to see if everything else is. This kind of thing is seriously some of my fave music ever to listen to and something you’ll find more of below!

Island of Terror and Island of Terror on Soundcloud

Top of the Pops (31st August 1978).avi_snapshot_23.11_[2013.08.26_01.22.47]

This blog does similar stuff – but it’s more audio samples of dialogue from vintage horror and background music mixed in with other stuff rather than entire custom soundtracks.  Most of it is on the Soundcloud link – but the main site is totally worth checking out too!

The Ghost of the Weed Garden

Cosmic Cauldron

Massively amazingly creepy mixes with psych/follk/occult rock mixed in as well as horror movie dialogue.

13/Monster Movie Music/Dwrayger Dungeon (honestly i have no idea what to call it – but i don’t think it really matters)

Halloween Queen 39

Here’s more of that taking music and dialogue out of movies stuff that I love.  These guys review a different movie almost every DAY and extract enough sounds and dialogue from it to make a little mp3 track.  It’s seriously so freaking cool and so fun to listen to.

Magic Carpet Burn

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 7.22.27 PM

For like 3 or 4 years now I’ve been linking to this site cause he has the coolest little music player way way down at the bottom of the page.  And every year I wonder if it’s still gonna work cause he stopped updating the site a couple years ago – and it still does!!!!  Go check out the Monster Record Player way down at the bottom and either listen to the zillions of monster songs on there or download them.  The other stuff he posts is great too!  But man that player always geeks me out.

Frayker’s Revenge


This is another one of my all time fave music blogs.  This guy’s stuff isn’t really horror – it’s library music – or background music – from 70s and 80s TV shows and movies and a lot of the stuff he mixes in has a total creepy 70s TV music vibe.  I freaking love it!  It looks like it might not be the easiest to download – I checked the first link and there’s some fabulous cap the file hosting site put on the number of downloads – but check back to see if it works.  It’s totally worth it!

Nate Ashley


This guy does similar stuff with the extracting audio off VHS of DVDs of movies with unreleased soundtracks and makes them for people to download.  He also does these hilarious horror View Master things!  You have to go check them out!  But the MAIN thing I’m directing you to here are the SEVEN volumes of creepy ass, cool as shit horror music compilations he has put together – from soundtracks and from VHS rips. They are called Written in Blood and THEY ARE AWESOME!  HERE is a direct link to the music downloads page.  But check out the rest of the site too!

Monster Mashup


And last but not least the 2013 Monster Mashup!!!!!  Yay!!!!  The red Monster Mashup link up there links to the Facebook page – which is the only place the link was posted so far – HERE is the direct download link.  And while your checking this stuff out you should also check out Mashup of the Day on Facebook cause he’s posting mashups from the last 9 years of Monster Mashup albums.  And it was mentioned that the links for all 9 of the Monster Mashup albums might be posted somewhere this year and I’ll post all that here if I come across them!

Ok – now go get your creepy, Halloweenie music!!!

Four Nineteen A-Go-Go #2 – Meet Me at the Ho Ho A-Go-Go!

Once a year, for every year for as long as I can remember…basically last year…I have requested as my birthday present from you – my faithful, googley-eyed with undying love for me reader – that you all dance the day away to the music of my choosing.  And this year is no different.  Last year I babbled on for a long time – so today I will make this as short as is humanly possible for a babbler like me.  

I will list the tracks and the special spot on this earth where I found each track – Yay!!  But I’m not going to link to most of them (boo!!) and here’s why…

Sadly some of the download links (or ENTIRE BLOGS) are now defunct (the funk was sucked out!!!!!!) and you can no longer get the groovy tracks from those special spots (my very own special mixes have been thoughtfully deleted by my beloved Mediafire so I may have to move on in the future – wah!).  So get this mother flipping birthday go-go mix while you can!!!!!  It might not even last an hour.  Who knows.  Oh, and the tracks may not appear in this order when you put it in your music playing thing btw.  I don’t know why.

So here it is!!!  What you’ve been waiting all year for!!!  Birthday go-go mix #2!!!

Meet Me at the Ho Ho A-Go-Go!!!

1. $10,000 Pyramid Theme Song – Funky Frolic
2.  Block Buster by Johnny Pearson – Retro Teque
3.  Supercharger by P. Milray – Retro Teque
4.  Eurocrime! by Calibro 35 – Funky Frolic
5. Blues Cinetique – Funky Frolic
6.  Atomic Butterfly by Barry Stoller – Retro Teque
7. Fat Poppadaddy by Quincy Jones – Funky Frolic
8.  Magpie Theme – Cottage of Electric Hell
9.  Chariots of the Gods by The Peter Thomas Sound Orch – Funky Frolic
10. Ace of Wands Theme – Cottage of Electric Hell
11. Cartoon Funk – Frayker’s Revenge
12. Just Like That by Brass Incorporated – Cosmo Bells
13. The Bean Stalker – Funky Frolic
14. Teenage Carnival by Keith Mansfield – Retro Teque
15. Drummer Man by The Brady Bunch – Retro Teque
16. Opus Africa – Smutshake Cupcake
17. Get Away From the Everyday – Blue Beat in My Soul
18. I’m a Train by Helmuth Brandenburg Orch – Library Music Rarities
19. Theme From Mission Magic – 🙂
20. Theme From Captain Future by Christian Bruhn – Funky Frolic
21. Drug by Vampires Sound Incorporation
22. Omae Ni Muchu Sa – Holy Warbles
23. Inside, Outside, Upside Down by Josie and The Pussycats
24. I’ll Feel Amazing By Tomorrow by Lenlow

And if you want to know what all this might sound like try and imagine what a little pig tailed cartoon chick would want to dance to.  Or listen to this…

Sound good?  I thought so!!!!!!

So HERE it is! (and for anyone who downloaded the zip file that had my idiotic blog post notes in it i apologize for any pain and suffering my supreme überdweebness caused you.  i need an idiot warning page for this blog as well as an adult warning 🙂 )

Now go go-go!!!!

And if you don’t want to dance all day long you can also listen to this music while your driving around.  That’s fun too!  But I’m dancin!!

And once again I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who brought all this amazing music into my world this year.  You have no idea how happy it has made me.


St. Patrick’s Day Seals!!

A while back, oh around Xmastime, I posted some Xmas “seals.”  That is the name of these stickers that were big back in the 70s when I was a kid.  They came in little stapled together books – and each sheet in the book had 6 different stickers on it.

Back then I mentioned that I had seals for pretty much every occasion (even graduation day – which I freaking do!  ha HA! but I’ll save those for later!) and here are the St. Patrick’s Day seals for you to print out onto sticky paper and stick all over the place.  Or you could use the images in a card even!

Here is the cover of the little book of seals…

and here is the sheet – sadly with one of them missing.

But wait!  What’s this?  I found a little leprechaun running around in my sticker envelope and it just happens to be the one that was supposed to be in that sheet!!!


And I also have this little foil clover sticker!

AND I have this really cute little sticker with a lion who is with his little bear friend and is holding a clover too!!

Cute!!  That sticker actually came from this Japanese sticker pack for a character named Cheerful Lion. I’m not familiar with Cheerful Lion in any other format than these stickers – but he sure is cute!

This happy is a secret for you and me.  Never forget that!

One last thing I’ll leave you with today is a link to a really great music blog.  If you like olde timey Irish music, or think you might want to check it out, you should head over here where you can download a whole bunch of really cool music.  

The original blog, Ceol Alainn, is where I originally downloaded the music and is where all of the information about the artists is located.  I haven’t downloaded anything from the new link so I don’t know what it looks or sounds like but I am so happy that it was moved and is still available for people who want to hear this amazing old music.  My personal favorite is Michael Dwyer – Traditional Music of Ireland on the Tin Whistle.  It’s so incredibly simple and cute and makes me really happy!  
Here is a video of Mary Bergin playing the tin whistle.  I tried to stick a Michael Dwyer video in here but embedding was disabled – so you can check out Mary!  The tin whistle tunes on the Michael Dwyer album are all accompanied by a piano and are a little more cute and lilting – so they sound a little different – but you can get an idea here.  
So have a great St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow with stickers and music!  Yay!!!

Something New for the New Year

Here at Craftypants Carol’s Fancy Crafty World we get really geeked about stuff that’s a little different.  It doesn’t really matter what it is – food, music, sex, boobs, novelty candies and so forth – it’s just kinda nice to try something new every once in a while – or all the time – whichever you prefer.  
So today I’d like to do two things.  First I have some new and interesting naked ladies to show you (how could I not?) and second I have some new and interesting music for you to grab out of thin air and funnel into your ears in whichever manner you choose.  I’m super excited too cause I love to be the purveyor of new things!!  
So first up are the ladies.  
See, a while back I lamented the fact that the ladies in my posts were sadly lacking in the not white skin color and so my hope for today was to not only mix it up with different skin hues, but also a nice variety of bodies and whatnot – which may new for some of you.  Yay!  Let’s see what I came up with!  
I’m think I’m just about as excited to see this as you are!

And now for the music.  This mix I’ve got here is a bunch of different music from a bunch of different foreign lands.  It’s music that I like to run to and dance to and drive to and just be happy to.  If you haven’t heard much music from other countries and would like to you might want to check out my special international good times mix!  There’s stuff from China, Japan, Turkey, Jamaica, Thailand, Burma and there’s even a couple of Irish mashups and it can all be found HERE.  
What I suggest for New Year’s eve is playing this mix really loud and dancing around like a maniac…
like this!
But, as usual, I’d like to add a disclaimer here that most of this music is best enjoyed after dousing your body in exotic smelling oils or assorted flavored spreads.  The dancing, as well as the transition into the new year, will be much smoother that way.
Have a great New Year’s Eve!!!!!!!

Betty Crocker’s Cooky Book 1978 Edition…Come and Get it!!

The time has come.  I know you want it.  I’ve heard you.  Out there on my porch, pacing back and forth, scratching at the corners of my window to find a loose spot, whining like a small dog.  I even heard some screams last night that had “I want my scanned copy of the 1978 edition of Betty Crocker’s Cooky Book!!” written all over them.

I told you I was gonna do it and, for the love of…something, I freaking did it.

This was probably my first cook book ever – given to me by my mom – and I swear to god I have spent approx 3/28 of my life looking at it.  I’ve made quite a few of the cookies and I was gonna list them here but I’m too fucking tired after all the epic photoshopping I just did.  So you’re just gonna have to figure out which ones are my favorites all on your own.

Feast your eyes on all of the cookie possibilities in your future.  Seriously LOOK AT THIS SHIT!!

All this, and more (seriously, it’s the whole book – cover to cover, table of contents, index, every-freaking-thing), can be yours…by cruising over HERE.

Merry Freaking Christmas!

Vintage Christmas Paper Coasters + Finally the Final Cinnamon Bear Disc!!!

In the house I grew up in coasters were, like, everywhere.  You couldn’t pass a table or a nightstand or a nook or a cranny without finding one – or 20.  I’m sure there were a few different varieties of them around, but the ones I remember most (and mostly cause I still have them) are these fruity and floral patterned resin coated coasters…

I love this vintage resin coated stuff so much.  I have some trays and a big bowl and a whole bunch of these coasters all in different fruity or floral patterns.  But I’m here today to talk about the coasters.

See how nice the scull cup looks in the cute little coaster?

So, not only were these fruity, floral resin coasters scattered around, but for every holiday, and even non holiday days, there was also a decorative paper coaster sitting inside it.  It’s like the coaster had a coaster…

So what I did was scan (of course) all these olde timey coasters and I’m sharing them with you here so that you too can have some nifty xmas paper coasters to put in your own outer coasters, if you have them.  If you don’t you can just toss them right onto the table.  They’re good that way too.  They measure about 3 1/4″ across – just so you know…

I scanned these poinsettia doily coasters on a black and a white background so that you can see the doily action in different ways.  I think they look cool both ways.

This polka dot one here and the 70s Victorian kids up top are my favs.

And now.  The final installment of The Cinnamon Bear 5 disc series HERE!

And just so you don’t get too sad or confused (like me) I’ll put all of the links for every disc in all 5 posts.

Disc 1    Disc 2     Disc 3     Disc 4    Disc 5 is up there


Vintage Xmas Present Tags + Disc 4 of The Cinnamon Bear

Today I have some vintage Christmas tags that you can use along with your scraps of vintage Christmas paper!

No more gab.  Just tags (and The Cinnamon Bear)!



The Cinnamon Bear disc 4

I’m adding all the discs to every post, so below are also discs 1, 2, 3 and 5

Disc 1   Disc 2   Disc 3   Disc 5

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