Doubl-Glo Icicles and Super Cute Ornaments!!

As my super special gift to you – for being such a patient blog enthusiast and not throwing paint and glitter on my as I walk by you on the street because I haven’t updated my blog regularly in, like, forever – I am providing you will some super nifty cardboard ornaments that you can print out and hang on your very own tree!!!


As you can see these super fab ornaments are on the back of this Doubl-Glo Icicles (tinsel) package.


They were obviously added as some sort of ploy to funnel prospective tinsel buyers directly to the Doubl-Glo Icicles product – and boy-oh-boy am I one of the suckers they were aiming their scheme at! I will immediately turn down the sound on TV commercials and give pushy sales people the hand as I turn my head in disgust, but if you’re going to provide me with a cute thing to cut out, I WILL BUY YOUR PRODUCT!

Let that be a lesson to all you advertisers out there.

So here are, not only, the cut-outs for you to print out and cut out and assemble, but also enlarged images of the pics on the back of the package for you to also print out, cut out and hang around the house – that’s two times as many ornaments!!!  Or you could make stickers out of them! Or gift tags! The options are endless!!!

Plus I have blown up some super duper teeny shit and have stuck it in the end for you blow-up-the-teeny-shit fanatics.

Here are the images from the back of the package…







And here are the scans from the inside of the package to cut out and assemble (as well as some handy tinsel application instructions)…






Go ahead and print them out any size you want! You can make them super small or super big or a whole bunch of sizes.

Now, as promised, here are some images from the package of the ornaments that were super duper teeny blown up really big. You can print these ones out too! That would give you thrice as many ornaments as you would have normally gotten! Aren’t you lucky????









Happy Thanksgiving From 1963!

I recently ran across some full newspapers, mostly from Oregon and mostly from the days around when JFK was shot. The date on this Oregonian newspaper is Nov. 25th, 1963 and I scanned all the fab Thanksgiving ads out of it so that we could all enjoy the illustrated foods and cheap prices from the days of yore.

There are quite a few stores that I don’t remember, like Baza’r, Garbades, Tradewell and Big C, and I had no idea there had been a Piggly Wiggly in Portland ever until recently.

I remember shopping at Keinow’s, Safeway and Thriftway and of course Fred Meyer but I didn’t scan their ad cause it was boring. Sorry. And to be honest I don’t know what Safeway was thinking with their ad. That kid looks like he’s about to grab the knife out of the hand of the person carving the turkey.

So sit back and enjoy some olde timey Thankgiving goodness – whether you grew up in Portland Or. or not 🙂



baza'r thankgiving














Have a fabulous Thanksgiving!!!!

Vintage Back to School Freakout!

back to school gay blade

Ok – not really a freakout – other than last week I was telling my friend I wanted to do a back to school post and I freaked out cause he told me the kids were already back to school.

WTF school? When I was a kid it was always around the first week of Sept. So I’m just gonna pretend that we’re all back in the 60s/70s/80s and show you the back to school goods you’d be seeing back then.

That’s right. Feast your eyes on some back to school shit from crinkly old newspapers that will blow. your. mind!!!!

back to school

These first few are particularly crinkly – they came from a house I’ve been helping clean out and were found wadded up around some old knick knacks and whatnot. So, I hope when you look a these you picture me rifling through the trash and squirreling wadded up balls of newspaper away in my purse cause that’s exactly what I did.

back to school girls

back to school underwear


back to school lunch pail

back to school lunch pail close

back to school nested luggage

back to school toy shoppe

back to school binders

How many of you out there remember when the school lunch menu was printed in the newspaper – raise your hands! Sadly, I see very few hands raised out there. I totally remember it! I used to have the goddamn week memorized!

Here’s a sampling of what you could look forward to eating in the school cafeteria back in the olden days – with a neat little illustration for the next column at the end.

Autumn Delight Salad FTW!!!!

school lunch

nancy cafeteria


And in order to fill this post with more thrills, spills and chills I’m throwing in a bunch of other school/kid/teen/clothing stuffs too!

beauty college

bee co

college laundry

hey guys jeans ad

And yes I realize the dish cloths aren’t back to school related but you know I couldn’t not blow this teeny shit up!

dish cloth uses

How about a back to school “Recapture Course” at the House of Slenderizing! NO MENZ!!!

house of slenderizing

one point from pam

sew classes

Back to School means birthday parties at the skating rink and bowling alley – obv!!



And finally, here’s some cleanliness and eating well illustrations from a Oregon Dairy Council activity booklet from 1956 that my friend’s mom had filled out in 4th grade.

school booklet 1 1956

school booklet 2

school booklet 3


school booklet 4

school booklet 5


And if you want more back to school goodness check out my old posts from a few years ago:






God I love this shit.

McCall’s Coctail-Time Cookbook


Today I have some pages from the 60s McCall’s cookbooklet – Coctail-Time Cookbook.

This baby has some neat food pics and illustrations and some really interesting looking recipes.  It’s not the whole book here – but just some expertly chosen pages that will give you some ideas for what to serve at your next par-tay!  Even if it’s just a par-tay of one!


Hams!!! Deviled and Otherwise!!!
Deviled Hams and Liverwursts!!!!!



sandwich platter


Sandwich Torte!!!! Oh hell yes!
Ham and Cheese Ribbons!!!!
Snack Sticks and Deviled Hams!!!!
I’m all about the celery these days


grand master tray
This is the tray for me!


Deviled Ham Everything!!!!



Liverwurst Coctail Meatballs!!!

Freaking nummy!!!!!!

Better Homes and Gardens Sewing Book

Today I have some really neat illustrations from a vintage Better Homes and Gardens Sewing Book.



Getting right to the cute images with very little yammering today….


first off we’ll check out some areas of adjustment that may be needed for your own personal body shape – such as flat derrière or swayback…


full bust small waist


full busted flat chested


round back




very full bust


Next we see the right and wrong way to do a few things – like wear hats and cut plaid…




plaids 2




And here we see a whole bunch of neat ladies in various styles of dresses…


patterned fabric


ladies 1


ladies 2


ladies 3


ladies 4


ladies 5


And children’s (mostly girls) clothing on some insanely cute little girl models…


kids 1


kids 2


kids 3


kids 4


kids 5


kids 6


kids 7


kids 8


kids 10


kids 11


kids 12


kids 13


And finally some accessory ideas…




accessories big



Best of the Pillsbury Bake-Off – Final Post

This is it!  The last Best of the Pillsbury Bake-Off post!  And I even included a grand prize winner and my very own fave recipe from the book.

choc almond balls

log cabin chicken pie


illus 4

mince bars



pb blossoms
these are my all time fave cookies in the book – so far

muffin 1

pb rolls


pineapple ring


plum coffee cake


plum nutty

I freaking love how they took the “cinna” in cinnamon and turned it into “cinema” for the illustrations!

rhu 1


rhu 2

special pies

shanghai casserole
i wanna make this real bad



turtle cookies
grand prize!!!!!!!!


upside down cakes

squiggly bowl




Now go make some Watermelon Tea-Ettes!!!!!!!  And send them to me!!!!!!!!!!

Pillsbury’s Best of the Bake-Off Pt 2

front cover


Yesterday I launched a series of posts dedicated to this fabulous cookbook that spans a whole bunch of Pillsbury Bake-Offs.  If I am able to keep it together, I plan on doing multiple posts from this book cause I, not only, love the images in on and around it, but also I think there’s a lot of really good recipes in here.  If you happen to come across it somewheres I highly recommend picking up a copy.  It just feels like a really awesome piece of history that you can clutch in your little hands.

Ok – now on with the inside pics…

egg baskets 1


dark secret


dark secret 2
i wonder what the Dark Secret is….

cupcake people


cinn nut ring


man cooked meal


kids at table


choc mint pie


kids with cake


measureing cup


Pillsbury’s Best of the Bake-Off

front cover


I’d like to share some images from one of my all time fave cookbooks of all times.  I would say “today” but I have a feeling this might be spread over a few posts.  The cookbook is huge – as you can see in the cover pic it’s the best 1000 recipes.

back cover




It’s one of my fave cookbooks for many reasons.  Number one is that it’s basically a community cookbook – you know those hand printed jobbies from a church group or company that have recipes submitted by different women – all with their names printed below the recipe.  Those are one of my fave types of cookbooks – and this here is basically the grand-daddy of them.

Another thing I love about the book is the recipes – and the idea that they were all tested out beforehand and won awards!!!!  You can’t beat that for assurance!

Plus the outer cover is just fab (they even put a cake on the spine!!) – and the inner end papers are fucking amazing!  Seriously I dare you to try and beat this awesomeness!!!!! (click on the pics to seem them in their huge-ass glory!)

inside front cover 1 copy


inside back cover 1


And the illustrations and pics that are scattered throughout the book are great too!  And the illustrations match the recipes in really cute ways 🙂

So here are a few of them today – and I’ll prob be posting more again soon.

And try the recipes too!  I’ll def be posting some of the blue ribbon recipes – but all of them won an award in their year and category.

apple pine pie


choc covered cherry-ettes


illus 3


date carnival squares


apple spice cake




jam strip cheezers



Groovy Vinyl Contact Paper – Front and Back!!!!

Well evidently I’m on a roll.  I got on the posting wave and I’m riding it till I crash into the rocky shore, baby!!!  Or drown in the cesspool with the circling sea gulls over yonder.  Whichever comes first.

I’m not feeling the need to gab much though so I’ll just move right along to the pics.

Groovy ass contact papers from the 60s and 70s – AND the mother flipping cool as shit backs that just get thrown away.

First up…Cling Foil!

cling foil front
one of my all time faves. shiny and fabulous!

And the back…

cling foil back big


and a little 600% action…

cling foil snack tray

cling foil toy chest

cling foil tv

cling foil what not shelves


And next…Con-tact Paper!!

con-tact paper front
not as much pizazz as cling foil – but just wait for the back!!

con-tact paper 1


con-tact paper back 5


con-tact paper back 6
i wish i had the rest of that illustration with the brick wall!!



Unfortunately a lot was cut off but man – from what I could scavenge – the illustrations on the back are cute!!!

con-tact paper toy chest

con-tact paper dresser

con-tact paper snack tray


and here’s Connie Con-tact up close and personal!!

connie con-tact


Next up Kwik Kover!!

kwik kover front


I bought a gargantuan roll of this a while back and it has served me very well!

The back isn’t as nifty as the other two but it’s still kinda neat…

kwik kover 1

kwik kover 2

kwik kover 3


This next one is TOPPS.  I love the olde timey kitchen design!

tops paper front


tops paper back


And then some cool vinyl papers with no backing.  These are the wet and stick kind.

brown flower paper

rubbermaid paper front
one of my all time faves!!!

That’s it!  I hope you enjoyed the front and back of these old contact papers!  I seriously need to get my hands on a whole roll of that Con-tact Connie stuff!!





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