The Backwoods Yokel Or The Clown…Take Your Pick

I have some actual crafty goodness for you today!

First some ads from this fab Good Housekeeping Needlecraft mag from 1975…



0 cover


Some regular full page ads and some teeny ads that are blown up real big!!  Yay!!!

clown cake




deep pile rug ad






that’s the money making scheme for me!!!



clumsy the clown



oooh la la!


Ok so since the ads were a little clown heavy I thought I’d give you a choice on your crafty project.  You can choose either the Backwoods Yokel doll (aka the Hillbilly Doll) or the Clown Doll (aka Dizzy Izzy Clowns).  The directions for both are included on the pages below.  Of course the directions for the Needlepoint Tote, the Flower Turtle, the Ring Toss, the Baby’s Booties and the Baby’s Bib ‘N’ Wipe are also all included on those pages but I’d prefer it if you chose either the yokel or the clown.






knit clown



instructions 1



instructions 2



instructions 3



instructions 4



Ok!  Have fun!



Teeny Christmas Ads

Ads so small you prob wouldn’t give them even a first glance were you to came across them in, say, an olde timey crafty mag such as The Workbasket…



So feast your eyes on some really small ads for crafty crap and other stuffs – oh and the pattern for the bell things on the cover at the end!!!

holiday knob warmer
oh grand. i just noticed that this is a pattern and not an ad. if anyone makes this i’d love to see pics!!! heh

3 angels

monkey pet

santa wall plaques

snapshot cards

stars of the bazaar





I can’t imagine anyone ever not buying this Ice Skating Party though.  Ever. Ever. Ever.

ice skating party

And now the pattern!   Now there’s something really funky going on with it.  I’ve kinda noticed that the page numbering can be really off on those Workbaskets – and this pattern doesn’t seem to disappoint.  So hopefully if you really really want an apron and placemat with bells on them you can figure this out.  At the very least you should be able to get a bell or two out of it.

jingle bells 1

jingle bells 2

jingle bells 3

Good luck!

100 Gifts to Make!

Ok.  Now you have no excuse.  I am providing you with 100 (ONE HUNDRED) gifts for you to make for whomever (me) for this coming xmas.

Woman’s Day circa Nov 1969 very generously showcased not only cool pics of some of the snazziest crafty items to make just about anyone you can freaking fathom (dog vest, kid boat, gloves for him, her or ours – whoever that is), but also, in a feat of stupendous forethought and downright foodhardiness, the directions and diagrams and patterns and scaled plans for some of the most ambitious magazine level crafty xmas gifts imaginable.  Wooden playtoys and chests?  Check!  Mammoth scarves and hair balls?  Check!  Glass boxes stuck together with tape?  You got it!   Any kind of knit, sewed, taped, or aluminum wrapped thing with a dowel stuck in it you can imagine is here!  So get out your jig saws and start making me a present!!!!!!!!!



100 Gifts to Make 1
No dog vest for me though – seems like it would be a bit snug

100 Gifts to Make 2
I do like that carpetbag!!!!

100 Gifts to Make 3

100 Gifts to Make 4
And I don’t think that knit manjacket would be very flattering on me either. But I like the hothouse!

100 Gifts to Make 6
I really like that matching scarf and earring idea!

100 Gifts to Make 7
I love love love those chicken pot holders!!!! I say make a bunch of those for gift toppers too!

100 Gifts to Make 8

100 Gifts to Make 9
Those kleenex thingies are pretty neat

100 Gifts to Make 10
Don’t make me that box please


Ok – so this next page has a convenient index for all of these crazy gifts – and hopefully all the pages of directions made it in here.  There were a LOT!  So if anythings missing let me know.

Anyway – check out the index and find the page that the thing you want to make is on and you’re good to go!

Oh and I left all the old ads in there cause I know its just as important to you as it is to me to read about Pellon, Klutch, Zud and how our teddy bears didn’t mind our girlysmells.

Have fun!

100 Gifts to Make 11

100 Gifts to Make 12

100 Gifts to Make 13

100 Gifts to Make 14

100 Gifts to Make 15

100 Gifts to Make 16

100 Gifts to Make 17

100 Gifts to Make 18

100 Gifts to Make 19

100 Gifts to Make 20

100 Gifts to Make 21

100 Gifts to Make 22

100 Gifts to Make 23

100 Gifts to Make 24

Oh and in case you forget to make me something you can just get me an olde timey phone.  It’s a very exciting gift!

olde timey phones


Learn to Knit and Crochet!!! Barbie Doll Clothes Style!!

For the last coupla weeks over at And Everything Else Too there has been a whole bunch of Barbie hysteria.  I’m pretty sure the hysteria was mostly on my end – but I also like to think I’m not the only one who was screaming and crying and pulling their hair out over that Ken clown mask.

I mean come on!!!!

And in the midst of all the hysterical hair pulling and whatnot, I remembered that I had scanned some doll clothes patterns out of an old 1971 McCall’s craft magazine a while ago.  This mag, to be precise.

And with the urging of one Amanda by Night over at Made for TV Mayhem, who’s mind was, in fact, blown by one of MY doll clothes images, I decided to post the whole bunch of them here to insure further hysteria and blowing of minds for anyone interested.

One of the really great things about these doll clothes patterns is that the whole article is actually a how to knit and crochet article that uses the doll clothes to help you learn.  Nifty!!  So you can print all these pages out and teach yourself how to knit and crochet!  Doll Clothes style!!

As always, hit command-click to enlarge the pics in another window (for macs – I only know mac stuff these days).

That guy’s got a little big of a Dougie Houser thing going on if you ask me.

And I also happened to notice a bunch of groovy ads from this mag that I had scanned too.  Sorry about some of them being slightly cut off at the bottom or the top.  This is an oversized mag that didn’t totally fit on my scanner.

Anyway – dig these groovy crafty ads!!

There’s a whole freaking institute!  Who knew?

Paging Dr….Doll Doctor…er somethin’…

I didn’t realize a pattern was required for macaroni art.

Super snazzy!!  

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