Best of the Pillsbury Bake-Off – Final Post

This is it!  The last Best of the Pillsbury Bake-Off post!  And I even included a grand prize winner and my very own fave recipe from the book.

choc almond balls

log cabin chicken pie


illus 4

mince bars



pb blossoms
these are my all time fave cookies in the book – so far

muffin 1

pb rolls


pineapple ring


plum coffee cake


plum nutty

I freaking love how they took the “cinna” in cinnamon and turned it into “cinema” for the illustrations!

rhu 1


rhu 2

special pies

shanghai casserole
i wanna make this real bad



turtle cookies
grand prize!!!!!!!!


upside down cakes

squiggly bowl




Now go make some Watermelon Tea-Ettes!!!!!!!  And send them to me!!!!!!!!!!


Tirol Chocolate Mega Christmas House


Yes, that’s right.  You are looking at one of the most awesome Japanese Christmas paper houses with candy EVER!!!!! And if you wanna see some up-closeness then just keep your googly eyes fixated right here!

In my recent travels and wanderings I happened upon this item in a Japanese supermarket in LA. I found it online so you can purchase one of your very own  – but at more than twice the price I paid!  Sheesh!

Here are pics of the whole outside of the box…






and here is the box when it is first opened (I took all the candy and paper stuff out)…


You pull apart some perforated sections and do some fancy folding and putting together of little stuffs and wa-LA!!!


The box comes with an enormous amount of candy presents in a long string of packaging – I guess so that you can hang it somewhere next to the house on Christmas morning…



I’ve had one so far and it was a chocolate covered wafer cookie thing.

And here are close ups of the inside…





Pretty damn cute!!!!

I also bought another Christmas themed candy there – mostly for the packaging.

It’s called Christmas Kuppi Ramune starch candy by Kakudai.  I couldn’t find this product online though.





Kuppi Ramune is the name of the rabbit and squirrel characters.  I don’t know if they are anything other than candy characters.  I can’t seem to find anything about them – other than on candy packaging.

This particular candy isn’t so great.  It’s called starch candy and they aren’t lying.  It kinda looks like a sweet tart but isn’t at all.

I also went to a nearby Daiso store and got myself another pair of fuzzy slippers among many other things.  I have a hard time controlling myself in either the Daiso store or the Japanese supermarket.

Here’s me enjoying some holiday entertainment in my new slippers….


That’s about it. Have a fabulous Christmas Eve!!!!!!!!

Mary Cullen’s Christmas Cookies

A little while back I posted some ads from a 1953 Portland Oregon newspaper. One of the ads was for Mary Cullen’s freezer school.


When I first saw it I not only thought that it was hilarious but I was also psyched cause I knew I had seen something from Mary Cullen before.

Long ago, before I had a scanner, I found this Mary Cullen chrismas cookie flyer in my great aunt’s recipie collection. I photocopied it then, and then scanned that photocopy, and now I’ll post it here.

Just keep in mind that the quality is not as good as you are used to here in CPC’s world of fine scanned goods. But you can still see the cute Santas and read the recipes.



As per usual I’m all about the Fruit Cake Cookies and the Mincemeat Cookies.

Hardcore (1979)



frozen food center

I’ve been a bit lame lately.  Blogwise, that is.  But that’s nothing new.  So let’s skip all the blah blah lame lamey lameo stuff and get right to the cool pics!

These ads are from a Portland Oregon newspaper, The Oregon Journal, on June 2, 1953.  That happened to be the day Queen Elizabeth was coronated queen – but that’s not what we’re interested here.  I’m all about the ads.  Esp the food ads. So feast your eyes on some nifty freezers and frozen foods as we ramp up to some actual Christmas stuffs!

birds eye 2

freezer 1 copy



rk anderson frozen foods

jennings freezer


kordite freezer supplies

I actually happened to find one of these Kordite boxes a while back…

kordite box front

kordite box back

Kinda nifty cause they’re reusable.  And super cool looking!

m&f freezer ad

mary cullen freezer school

Ok – well I’m off to Mary Cullen’s Freezer School!

See ya around the TV dinner aisle!!

chun king



Sandwich Cakes

Someone’s birthday is just around the corner (mine!!!!) and to celebrate I am not only going to post a whole bunch of pics of those crazy sandwich cakes everyone in my head is always talking about, but I’m also gonna post pics of the TWO sandwich birthday cakes I made for myself this year.



Made of sandwich!

OK. Get ready to be dazzled with sandwich!




don’t worry i didn’t make anything like this




mayo sandwich cake ad

sand loaf 1

sand loaf 2

sweedish meal 2

Now for my very own sandwich birthday cakes!!!


This one had layers of smoked salmon cream cheese spread, shrimp, crab, sliced pickle and then smoked salmon and slices of lemon


For the icing I mixed a thing of cream cheese with about 1/4 or 1/3 c of sour cream and I thought it was a bit too soft and runny.

The second one I made I just whipped the cream cheese with a little bit of lemon juice and I really liked it a lot!  The texture and flavor were really good and the icing didn’t soak into the bread like the first one did.


And the inside also had smoke salmon spread and shrimp and more smoked salmon, but it also had grilled SPAM!  And I added more sliced lemon in cause I really liked that in the first one.


See how nicely that slices and holds together?  I highly recommend spreading the cream cheese and thinly as is humanly possible.

With both of these I used a rectangular loaf of bread and cut the crusts off.  The size of these cakes would be perfect for two people – with room for another kind of cake afterwards too!


Super num!!!!!

I am def making one of these for every single special occasion for the rest of my life!!!!  Seriously they were freaking good.

More birthday pizazz coming up!

Food With Squares and Os…You Know You Want It



Were off to a classic CPC-style start to the new year….really late and with food.  Always with the food.

What I have for you today is a couple product advertisement-style cookbooks for you viewing (and yes, cooking) pleasure.  I’ll be stopping later today to be sure you’re making something off this page and I will be checking to make sure that you are enjoying yourself.  So you better be.

The first, a mini Chef Boy-ar-dee cook book, is way more of an advertisement.  It’s a little pull out thing that came out of a newspaper way back when Spaghettios with meat balls was called Beef-O-Getti and it’s got “Advertisement” plastered all over it.

But really it looks like they were just trying super hard to fancy up the whole canned pasta concept.   So if you’re got a can opener and some nuts and cottage cheese you might want to try something off this page…

festive 1


I’m quite partial to this next page.  Except for the stuffed onion and pepper.  Yech.   But really…who doesn’t want their food festooned with little Os???


festive 2


More nuts and cottage cheese to dazzle your guests with…


festive 3


festive 4


or cottage cheese and sausage….


festive 5


or just open a box (which I imagine has at least one can inside).


festive 6


festive 7


Next up is a Chex Cereal cookbook that cost 50 cents.  So it’s advertising that you actually had to pay for.

I’m not posting the whole thing – unless someone screams and crys about it – but I chose a few interesting pages to share with you.


chex 1


chex 2


I’m really intrigued by this Hot ‘N Crunchy Tuna Salad.  It’s kinda like a tuna melt casserole!


chex 3


Nothing says “I opened a box of cereal” like a casserole topped with crunchy squares.


chex 4


And I really hope I’m not the only one thinking Spaghettio Chex Casserole!


Christmas Candy + Gruel = A Christmas You Won’t Soon Forget

First off I’d like to show you this neato Christmas Candy booklet put out by Good Housekeeping in 1961.  It has lots of great pics and recipes for you to look at and drool over and maybe even make!  Yay!!!  I know I’d like to try a few of these recipes.

Ok all of them.


christmas candy 1


christmas candy 2


christmas candy 3


christmas candy 4christmas candy 5

christmas candy 6


christmas candy 7


christmas candy 8


christmas candy 9


christmas candy 10


christmas candy 11


christmas candy 12





Now I know you’ve been having a seizure waiting for me to get to the gruel part but just stay calm.  Here it is…





Nothing but gruel as far as the eye can see!

See I’ve been kinda geeked about watching A Christmas Carol this year.  I’ve always liked it but this year in particular I’ve been watching it like a maniac since prob right after Halloween.  And you know what one of my favorite parts is???? I bet you have an idea!  Yes – it’s when Ebenezer Scrooge is hanging loose in his cold, dark pad and slurps up some delicious, delicious gruel.

I know you think I’m joking but seriously I love that part.  And after my 12 Days of Gruel extravaganza you will too!  You will.

So get yourselves all pumped up cause pretty soon you’re gonna be knee deep in so much gruel you won’t have any choice but to eat a big old bowl of it yourself!!!!






Christmas Stuff I Like That You Prob Don’t

I LOVE fruitcake and mincemeat.

Most people I know don’t like one and don’t know what the other one is (and figure they wouldn’t like it just by the name).

So today I’m gonna provide a whole bunch of both of those here cause I really don’t care if you don’t like them.   You can make that cranberry apple pie if you feel left out.


fleishmans fruitcake



mince meat swirlybuns



ever so easy fruitcake
corn flake crumbs!??!!!!?




benson's old home fruitcake





betty crocker xmas ad recipe



mince meat stuffing
man i REALLY want to try this!


Oh and then there’s this….


eggnog dessert



I’m a huge nog fan too!



Thanksgiving Goods for You!

Yeah – I’ve been lame  – but here’s some pics of turkeys and recipes and shit to take your mind off all that!


best foods thanksgiving

college inn thanksgiving


wrigleys pecan pie

And the Thanksgiving piece de resistance…….CREAMY PRUNE PIE!!!!!!!


See how easy it was to forget?  That is what I will be thankful for today.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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