Some of you, the ones that sleep on your computers with your browser open to my blog so as not to miss one second of the thrills spilling from these pages, may recall a post I did a while back where I poked fun at some of the ridiculous search terms that have brought you, my sleepy, drooling reader, to my fancy world of fun and sexy shenanigans.  I check them out time and time again to see what I can find cause I love the crazy searches you people come up with.

Seriously.  Love.

So I decided to let you all take a peek at a mere smattering of what I get to see every time I cruise on over to the Google stats sector of my blog.

And I decided to mix it all up with some scantily clad ladies (and a few mens!) in the kitchen!  Cause that is just the best place to be!!

I think it’s safe to say that this is everybody in the world’s luckiest day ever!!!

fancy sex
animal bac sex tub (does “bac” stand for bacon, I wonder?)
big sink for person
carol b sex (one of my personal favs.  I gaze into space and imagine someone attempting to text me “carol is sexy” but sadly accidentally using google and making a few typos)
punani club card
سكس tub (not sure what that first word is.  Anyone?  Hammer?)
butt xxx
vampire sex tub (can someone please tell me if this exists?)
wish sex ( 1976 )
animal sextub
getting crafty with carol (all freaking right!  I think we all know what that person was searching for!!)
not airplane xxx
freaky things to do in bed (I’d like to know that one too)
big black greasy ass (greasy is the key word here)
hypnotized women
indian sex tub
carols crafty pig (huh?)
So that’s about it.  I’m all out of stupid search terms and nudie kitchen shots – but I would like to share my thoughts on one more thing with you.  It’s this vintage layout that I just have a hard time wrapping my mind around – so I thought I’d throw it in here with the other “what the fuck” goings on and see if you have any thoughts to share.  
There are a few shots in this series…
the first of which some of you may recognize from this post
very straightforward, run of the mill type of sexed-up photo.  I personally like it quite a bit.
And here we see a little more of the action….
But here’s where it starts to get weird…
The dude NEVER takes his sweater off!!
WTF?  Is he not dying in there?  Sweltering inside that relatively heavy, what appears to be, synthetic blend?  
I mean, the boots I can understand.  Those are some damn fine boots.  And don’t get me wrong.  I super dig the black and white check pattern on the sweater, and I get the whole aesthetic they were (I’m assuming) going for in the layout.  
But seriously, dude, you’re making me really uncomfortable.