If you’re easily offended by the inappropriate use of feather dusters you may not want to continue any further.

This picture is only for those that are easily amused.

I just love the look on her face.  And the feather duster.  Has she been on all fours so long that her back is dusty?  It’s from the first issue – sometime in 1969 – of Derriere magazine.  Oh wait!  I have that too!!

Now, it’s my understanding that it’s the punani, and not the butt cheeks that is offensive.  So I think I might just slide right under the radar with these photos.   I know I got a bit of the boobie in that one – but we’ve seen boobies before in Craftypants Carol’s Fancy Crafty World.

UPDATE 4/12/12: In honor of my upcoming birthday (not really.  I just thought I’d throw that in just in case anyone wanted to send me a present) I’m providing a LINK to the scans of this mag.  It’s not the whole mag unfortunately – but most of it’s there – and there’s no pesky white rectangles to throw you off (cause I know you want to be on.  Right on!).  Now don’t you feel lucky?