And Craftypants Carol is celebrating like a mofo.


See, I just noticed that this is my 75th post and it happens to coincide with the fact that this blog is 2 years old.  So if you do the math that makes me an all time, super freak-out, blogging master with – ok – I just tried to do the math while I was watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and I just can’t do it.  Wow.  But I mean, I think that you can just sort of imagine what the math would be though – kinda like I’m doing right now.  I’m all “wow – that’s like…not that many.”  But the up side of that is that you, my loyal, fanatical reader, always has something to look forward to.

But really my mofo style celebration sort of just involves me doing a blog post about stuff I’ve been meaning to write about for a while now.  Like my little schmos: Padraig (pronounced Porrig – it’s Irish, from the TV show Ballykissangel – Baron is obsessed with it) and MacGregor (pronounced MacGrrrrrrrregorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr).  MacGregor is the white one, and I love them like nobodies business.  
Here they are sitting on our bed in the evening.  We bring them in the house pretty much every night so they can sit with us for a couple hours and watch TV.  They really do watch TV – it’s funny.  I made a special thing for them to sit on cause they poop a LOT.  It’s a bunch of old towels sewed together and backed with a shower curtain.  As you can see it’s a bit stained.  It really is clean.  Seriously.  I just washed it on Monday.  In fact I was with Baron at the laundr-o-mat and when I took it out of the basket to fold it up I held it up and said to Baron “Oh, I washed your sheet for you.” out loud.  I thought it was funny.

Here is another one where you can see Padraig sleeping while standing on one foot.  Her eye is open but it was closed before.  

I also made another batch of soap not too long ago and thought I’d let you take a gander at that.
This brown soap is made with castor oil, coconut oil, orange essential oil and Chinese 5 spice.  It’s really nice.  And the 5 spice gives it a sort of exfoliating action.  The white chunks are the shavings and cuttings from my last batch (which I made around a year ago too!  more anniversary action! and there’s more to come!!!).  The brown batch made 16 bars and there are still 3 bars left from the last one.  

I also finally got around to racking some wine I made recently.  The 5 gallon batch is a mix of gooseberry, rhubarb and kiwi that I started in December or January and the other is Dandelion wine I started about 2 months ago.   The 5 gallon batch should be ready to bottle in another month.  Yay!
While plotting and planning this abondanza style post I also noticed that my first encounter with the blog-love-of-my-life, Kindertrauma, was also about a year ago (you can see them mentioned in the epic last soap batch post).  In commemoration of this special moment in time I will direct you to my all time favorite Kindertrauma post.  It’s about a short film called Silent Snow, Secret Snow and I just love everything Unkle Lancifer says about it.  I can’t say enough about it so I’ll just say just go there and read it.  The Tourist Trap post is a close runner up though.  I mean any horror movie review that can sneak in a reference of Robert Goulet AND Shields and Yarnell – holy freaking crap.  I actually laugh out loud all of the sudden sometimes thinking about it.  The Cathy’s Curse review is pretty great too.  Ok – I could go on forever listing great blog posts on that site – so just go there now for crissake.  

Ok – that’s about it.  See ya next year!!