I know.  I’m all over the place here – what with the food and the boobs and the pretty much nonexistent crafty goings on – but, really, this is exactly what you signed up for when you stepped foot into my realm.

I know you didn’t realize you signed anything – but you did.

So just sit back and enjoy the ride, cause part of the agreement is that you never ever get to get off…the ride, that is.

I really can’t believe I haven’t posted this yet.  It’s this old coloring book that I was given at school sometime circa 1st grade and, actually, I even did a traumafession about it over at Kindertrauma, and all the while neglecting to share it with you, my ever faithfully trapped-on-my-go-cart-to-hell readers.  The traumafession was all about how these certain characters in the book totally creeped me out.

Intrigued?  How can you not be?

So here it is!  My insanely overcolored, incredibly informative and yet creepy, environmental coloring book from the 70s!

And here comes the creepy…

Well, there you have it.  I hope maybe you learned something from this educational post.  Like how to use a grey crayon to make everything look polluted, or how to turn your head and a freaky angle while you’re doing dishes, or maybe just that the rotten, green potato head look will never get you any special favors.