back to school gay blade

Ok – not really a freakout – other than last week I was telling my friend I wanted to do a back to school post and I freaked out cause he told me the kids were already back to school.

WTF school? When I was a kid it was always around the first week of Sept. So I’m just gonna pretend that we’re all back in the 60s/70s/80s and show you the back to school goods you’d be seeing back then.

That’s right. Feast your eyes on some back to school shit from crinkly old newspapers that will blow. your. mind!!!!

back to school

These first few are particularly crinkly – they came from a house I’ve been helping clean out and were found wadded up around some old knick knacks and whatnot. So, I hope when you look a these you picture me rifling through the trash and squirreling wadded up balls of newspaper away in my purse cause that’s exactly what I did.

back to school girls

back to school underwear


back to school lunch pail

back to school lunch pail close

back to school nested luggage

back to school toy shoppe

back to school binders

How many of you out there remember when the school lunch menu was printed in the newspaper – raise your hands! Sadly, I see very few hands raised out there. I totally remember it! I used to have the goddamn week memorized!

Here’s a sampling of what you could look forward to eating in the school cafeteria back in the olden days – with a neat little illustration for the next column at the end.

Autumn Delight Salad FTW!!!!

school lunch

nancy cafeteria


And in order to fill this post with more thrills, spills and chills I’m throwing in a bunch of other school/kid/teen/clothing stuffs too!

beauty college

bee co

college laundry

hey guys jeans ad

And yes I realize the dish cloths aren’t back to school related but you know I couldn’t not blow this teeny shit up!

dish cloth uses

How about a back to school “Recapture Course” at the House of Slenderizing! NO MENZ!!!

house of slenderizing

one point from pam

sew classes

Back to School means birthday parties at the skating rink and bowling alley – obv!!



And finally, here’s some cleanliness and eating well illustrations from a Oregon Dairy Council activity booklet from 1956 that my friend’s mom had filled out in 4th grade.

school booklet 1 1956

school booklet 2

school booklet 3


school booklet 4

school booklet 5


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God I love this shit.