Today I have some really neat illustrations from a vintage Better Homes and Gardens Sewing Book.



Getting right to the cute images with very little yammering today….


first off we’ll check out some areas of adjustment that may be needed for your own personal body shape – such as flat derrière or swayback…


full bust small waist


full busted flat chested


round back




very full bust


Next we see the right and wrong way to do a few things – like wear hats and cut plaid…




plaids 2




And here we see a whole bunch of neat ladies in various styles of dresses…


patterned fabric


ladies 1


ladies 2


ladies 3


ladies 4


ladies 5


And children’s (mostly girls) clothing on some insanely cute little girl models…


kids 1


kids 2


kids 3


kids 4


kids 5


kids 6


kids 7


kids 8


kids 10


kids 11


kids 12


kids 13


And finally some accessory ideas…




accessories big