This is it!  The last Best of the Pillsbury Bake-Off post!  And I even included a grand prize winner and my very own fave recipe from the book.

choc almond balls

log cabin chicken pie


illus 4

mince bars



pb blossoms
these are my all time fave cookies in the book – so far

muffin 1

pb rolls


pineapple ring


plum coffee cake


plum nutty

I freaking love how they took the “cinna” in cinnamon and turned it into “cinema” for the illustrations!

rhu 1


rhu 2

special pies

shanghai casserole
i wanna make this real bad



turtle cookies
grand prize!!!!!!!!


upside down cakes

squiggly bowl




Now go make some Watermelon Tea-Ettes!!!!!!!  And send them to me!!!!!!!!!!