front cover


I’d like to share some images from one of my all time fave cookbooks of all times.  I would say “today” but I have a feeling this might be spread over a few posts.  The cookbook is huge – as you can see in the cover pic it’s the best 1000 recipes.

back cover




It’s one of my fave cookbooks for many reasons.  Number one is that it’s basically a community cookbook – you know those hand printed jobbies from a church group or company that have recipes submitted by different women – all with their names printed below the recipe.  Those are one of my fave types of cookbooks – and this here is basically the grand-daddy of them.

Another thing I love about the book is the recipes – and the idea that they were all tested out beforehand and won awards!!!!  You can’t beat that for assurance!

Plus the outer cover is just fab (they even put a cake on the spine!!) – and the inner end papers are fucking amazing!  Seriously I dare you to try and beat this awesomeness!!!!! (click on the pics to seem them in their huge-ass glory!)

inside front cover 1 copy


inside back cover 1


And the illustrations and pics that are scattered throughout the book are great too!  And the illustrations match the recipes in really cute ways 🙂

So here are a few of them today – and I’ll prob be posting more again soon.

And try the recipes too!  I’ll def be posting some of the blue ribbon recipes – but all of them won an award in their year and category.

apple pine pie


choc covered cherry-ettes


illus 3


date carnival squares


apple spice cake




jam strip cheezers