Well evidently I’m on a roll.  I got on the posting wave and I’m riding it till I crash into the rocky shore, baby!!!  Or drown in the cesspool with the circling sea gulls over yonder.  Whichever comes first.

I’m not feeling the need to gab much though so I’ll just move right along to the pics.

Groovy ass contact papers from the 60s and 70s – AND the mother flipping cool as shit backs that just get thrown away.

First up…Cling Foil!

cling foil front
one of my all time faves. shiny and fabulous!

And the back…

cling foil back big


and a little 600% action…

cling foil snack tray

cling foil toy chest

cling foil tv

cling foil what not shelves


And next…Con-tact Paper!!

con-tact paper front
not as much pizazz as cling foil – but just wait for the back!!

con-tact paper 1


con-tact paper back 5


con-tact paper back 6
i wish i had the rest of that illustration with the brick wall!!



Unfortunately a lot was cut off but man – from what I could scavenge – the illustrations on the back are cute!!!

con-tact paper toy chest

con-tact paper dresser

con-tact paper snack tray


and here’s Connie Con-tact up close and personal!!

connie con-tact


Next up Kwik Kover!!

kwik kover front


I bought a gargantuan roll of this a while back and it has served me very well!

The back isn’t as nifty as the other two but it’s still kinda neat…

kwik kover 1

kwik kover 2

kwik kover 3


This next one is TOPPS.  I love the olde timey kitchen design!

tops paper front


tops paper back


And then some cool vinyl papers with no backing.  These are the wet and stick kind.

brown flower paper

rubbermaid paper front
one of my all time faves!!!

That’s it!  I hope you enjoyed the front and back of these old contact papers!  I seriously need to get my hands on a whole roll of that Con-tact Connie stuff!!