A little while back I posted some ads from a 1953 Portland Oregon newspaper. One of the ads was for Mary Cullen’s freezer school.


When I first saw it I not only thought that it was hilarious but I was also psyched cause I knew I had seen something from Mary Cullen before.

Long ago, before I had a scanner, I found this Mary Cullen chrismas cookie flyer in my great aunt’s recipie collection. I photocopied it then, and then scanned that photocopy, and now I’ll post it here.

Just keep in mind that the quality is not as good as you are used to here in CPC’s world of fine scanned goods. But you can still see the cute Santas and read the recipes.



As per usual I’m all about the Fruit Cake Cookies and the Mincemeat Cookies.

Hardcore (1979)