dolls and treeAround this time of year you see lots of these cute olde timey xmas pics.  I love seeing these pics and I love posting them.  But what I’m all about today is something you don’t see too often.  What you’re about to see today are some of the olde timey envelopes that these olde timey pics used to come in.

In case you weren’t there, back then in the olden days, when you got your pics back from the processing place they came in two envelopes.  Sometimes three, if the negatives came in their own envelope – but that was kinda rare.

There was an outer envelope that had your name on it – and the name of the store and some instructions (note the coupon)…

pay n save

and there were sometimes images on the back…

pay n save 2

then there were smaller envelopes on the inside that held the pics.

Some of them were kinda boring and some had cool images on them.  And we’re gonna see a little bit of both right now.

So sit back and relax and enjoy some envelopes.

Thrifty Cut Rate Drug Stores

thrifty 2


thrifty 1


Kodak Quality Film Developing


kodak quality film dev


Kodak Quality

kodak quality front


kodak quality back


kodak quality 3


Treasured Snapshots

snapshots 2


snapshots 1


Today’s Picture’s Tomorrow’s Pleasures

special offer 2


special offer 1


special offer 3

Special Offer!

special offer blue front


special order blue back


special offer red 1



special offer red 2


Wayne’s Bonus Photo


todays pics 2


Perfect Photo


big diff 1


big diff 2


big diff 3

big diff 4

big diff 6


Fred Meyer (multiple from multiple years)


fm env 1


fm env 3

fm env3 1


fm env3 2

fm env4 1


fm env2 1




fotomat 1


Here Are Your Photos


here are your photos 1


Kodak Colorwatch System


kodak 1


kodak 2


Payless Drug Stores

payless 1


payless 2


Send A Snapshot!


snapshot 1




sparkletone2 1


sparkletone2 4


sparkletone2 3

sparkletone2 5


Triple Print


triple print 1


triple print 2


triple print 3


triple print env


We Care


we care env 1

we care env 3


we care env 2


And there’s lots more where these came from…