Today I bring you some 80s Christmas tags.

How do I know they’re 80s?  I mean they have the same sorts of xmassy motifs that appear on tags of other decades.  But you know how I know???  These tags have made that fateful transition to peel off waxed paper sticky back – as opposed to the small piece of string that reigned supreme on every package tag for every previous decade since the beginning of time.

tag 1 tag 2 tag 4 tag 5

There is one standout 80s tag though.  One very 80s Santa doing something I hope never appears on a gift tag again until the end of time.

tag 3


Next I have some place tags.  My mom was kind big on these things.  Even though it didn’t matter where anyone sat at the table, she liked putting our names on these place tags and setting them on the plates.  (And yes I know the Snoopy one isn’t a Christmas one.  But it is festive!)

place tag 1 place tag 2


And finally I have some Peanuts themed Christmas Seals.  I only scanned one actual seal – cause not only does it not appear on the cover, but ALSO it happened to magically be one of two remaining seals inside!!!  Amazing!  So if you have a hankering to stick some Christmas Peanuts stickers around you can print this cover out on sticker paper and it should do you just fine.

seals 1


and the missing seal…

seals 2