frozen food center

I’ve been a bit lame lately.  Blogwise, that is.  But that’s nothing new.  So let’s skip all the blah blah lame lamey lameo stuff and get right to the cool pics!

These ads are from a Portland Oregon newspaper, The Oregon Journal, on June 2, 1953.  That happened to be the day Queen Elizabeth was coronated queen – but that’s not what we’re interested here.  I’m all about the ads.  Esp the food ads. So feast your eyes on some nifty freezers and frozen foods as we ramp up to some actual Christmas stuffs!

birds eye 2

freezer 1 copy



rk anderson frozen foods

jennings freezer


kordite freezer supplies

I actually happened to find one of these Kordite boxes a while back…

kordite box front

kordite box back

Kinda nifty cause they’re reusable.  And super cool looking!

m&f freezer ad

mary cullen freezer school

Ok – well I’m off to Mary Cullen’s Freezer School!

See ya around the TV dinner aisle!!

chun king