A while back I made a joke about doing a Halloween hair rollers post and, although I’m not the best at keeping my blog related promises, I thought I’d at least try and make good on that one.

I searched about a bit and scoured around here and there and came up with – what I fully intend to be – the first of a long line of horror roller posts.  Unfortunately since I didn’t find as many as I had hoped, I’ve thrown in roller grabs from mystery and thriller style movies and TV shows too.   As well as anything loosely resembling anything even remotely odd or horrorish.  Cause that’s how I ROLL!  HA!

I know there are prob a TON more horror/whathaveyou to be had out there – esp along the trashy 70s vein – so if you know of any PLEASE let me know.


pretty sure there’s some rollers under that hair net. bonus for olde timey chin strap thingy!!


Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Martha Mason Movie Star
Alfred Hitchcock Presents – Martha Mason Movie Star




Alice from Brady Bunch – obv
Bewitched - The Catnapper
Bewitched – The Catnapper


Marathon Man
yay!!!! some dude action!! ozzy def belongs here.
Halloween 2


Offerings 1988
Offerings 1988
She’s kinda scary, right?
I know I posted this before – but I thought it should go here too
Bewitched – Double Double Toil and Trouble
Rosemary’s Baby


The Candy Snatchers
The Candy Snatchers

I’m posting this next one mostly cause of the slippers!  I had some of these in 1991/92 and they had a plastic box inside that would make a foot crashing through the city noise when you would take a step.  They were hilarious.

The Ruinstone 1991
How to Murder Your Wife
Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 7.17.21 AM
The Pumpkin Eaters

And last but not least…the scariest of them all…an image so filled with terror you won’t know what to do with yourself.


Just kidding!!! It’s meeee!!! Little CPC – and my sister (I’m on the left with my back to the camera) with rollers in our wee little hairs.  I’m sure we’re doing something super evil though – like writing letters to santa in our santa pjs.

Ok – that’s it for this installment.