Lost my mojo big time.  It’s about 8:30 pm and I’m gonna have to call it quits for this Read-a-Thon.

I have read 2 full erotic short stories since 4pm…

Gender Swap Lollipop by Raminar Dixon – total thumbs up for silliness and hilarity and pretty good sexy biz

and The Curvy Vet and the Billionaire Cowboy: He Wanted Me Pregnant! by Victoria Wessex – thumbs down.  Lame chick, lame sex, lame words for sexy biz.  boo.

I also read 75 pages of an erotic novel – Claimed by Evangeline Anderson – that was a total bummer cause the story was pretty cool – aliens getting it on with humans – and the aliens were pretty great – but the human chicks were bitchy, bratty little idiots.  boo.

I’m def gonna have to start writing this stuff myself!

So for those interested in the stats the total pages read today are as follows:

print book pages –

Ammie, Come Home 58

Psycho – 125

Rosemary’s Baby – (partial read before pdf malfunction) 50

total 233

ebook pages (according to Amazon cause it doesn’t show up for me on my Kindle app) –

Gender Swap Lollipop – 39

Curvy Vet – 75

Claimed – 75

total – 189

grand total – 422

Last year was 555 pages in 17 hours and this year 422 in about 11 1/2 hours.  So I guess time wise I did ok.  Maybe next year I’ll have more gumption and follow through though.

Nighty night 🙂


IMG_0495 copy