I thought about writing a Home Sweet Home post about this movie (that’s where I talk about all the groovy shit going on in a specific horror movie house) – but I realized that, while the mansion in The Legacy is really neat, it’s just another run of the mill English countryside horror mansion.  So I decided to talk more about what I like about the movie instead.

If you haven’t seen The Legacy and would like to – before you read my spoiler filled post – I uploaded it on youtube


and it may not last long – so hightail it over there and watch it like the maniac that you are.  Then come back here and agree with everything I have to say.  That’s basically your only option.

So here we are with the title again (in case you missed it on yesterday’s post of The Legacy gifs)



So I’ll just come right out with it.  The Legacy isn’t that great of a movie.  It’s has some nice English villagey settings




and some good actors and it has a storyline – but mostly what it has for me is childhood memories of being scared/intrigued that have morphed into an adult inability to get it out of my head.

For some reason 9 times out of 10 when I’m taking a shower I start thinking about this movie.   And it’s not cause of the Sam Elliott shower scene.  Maybe cause I’m all warm and cozy and relaxed and this movie gives me warm cozy feelings.

Who knows.

The bad side of this movie is – it’s not scary at all, the soundtrack and special effect are pretty bad

dude burning

the storyline is not very interesting, fleshed out or unique, and there is some pretty sub par acting by one person in particular who I won’t mention cause we all know who that is.  Don’t we?

But there really is a lot of interesting stuff going…like this creepy nurse

skulking nurse 5

nurse bone


nurse hissing


nurse reading


nurse xrays


nurse knife

who is always watching…

nurse monitor 2


skulking nurse 2

or skulking around

skulking nurse 1


skulking nurse 3


skulking nurse 4


or dying…

nurse dead

and then coming back to life…

nurse not dead

But even her skulking can’t ruin the fab foodstuffs spread!

food 1


food 2

No but Roger Daltrey can…


Yes there’s a rock star dude in the movie.  He’s fine but the actor I really love in here is Charles Gray – maybe most well known (by me) as no neck from Rocky Horror Picture Show.  He’s done a ton of stuff but I don’t think I’ve seen very much of it.  I’m going to have to correct that immed!  I love every line he says.  He’s just so fabulous.

Here’s my gif of him and the phone again cause I think it’s just so great!


And the last thing I’ll mention that I love about The Legacy (besides the Sam Elliott shower butt scene) is the ending.  Katharine Ross inherits all the wealth and power from her satanist predecessor and makes her current lover, Sam Elliott, her first minion by putting a ring on his finger…

ring 2

and then they kiss…

happy go lucky satanists


and start talking about what they’re gonna do with all the money and power.  They’re all super geeked about being satanists!

And I say yay for them!

So go watch it if you haven’t already!!