carol and bozo

I thought I might delve into some clown action since clowns are around a lot on Halloween and also since I have a bunch of clowns hanging around (don’t ask me why).

I thought I’d make it a multi part post and I actually have quite a few Bozo images (again, don’t ask) so I thought I’d launch this whole clown thing with a Bozo post.  But then I found this old Bozo record cover that I had scanned eons ago and I realized that I had never blown up the teeny little record illustrations on the back!!!!


Thanks what I said!

That picture up top is me with a Bozo blow up thingy that I have absolutely no recollection of.

And here is the record…

bozo farm cover


bozo record


bozo record back


And here….are the teeny records!


bozo laughs


woody woodpecker

dinky pinky

little red monkey

hop cassidy 2

woody wood space ship

hop cas 3

bozo party

hop cas square dance

woody wood talent

woody wood scarecrow

Now hold onto your hats!  Shits about to get really big!

scare 1


scare 2

scare 3

eddie cantor

ec 1

ec 3

ec 4

ed 2


Whew!  That was some teeny shit that got real big!

Here’s a few more teeny records that were on a different record cover back – including the Bozo on the Farm cover pictured above!

bozo farm

popeye and duck

carbon the cat

And this weird ass cover that I actually posted a long long time ago and forgot about till I saw it.  I’d love to hear this thing – but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t even remotely live up to the cover.

jerry lewis


Ok – well look forward to more Bozo and general clown crap cause I can’t stop it now!