Today I have some pics that are very special to me.  I didn’t think they existed until recently and I wept myself to sleep many a night wondering where had all the Halloween costume pics gone.  But now I have some and I’m way happy!!!!


This is me (in the blue) circa 4th grade carving some pumpkins with my sis and grandpappy…



Finished jack o lanterns!!!! (Alpenrose milk carton makes a special appearance)




This one says Feb 74 – which would have made me 4 that previous Oct in 1973.  I don’t know which one I am here.  But I did shoot up over my sister when I was pretty young so I might be on the right there.  Cute kitty jack o lantern!!!!!



I don’t know what the hell I’m supposed to be (on the right again) but this was in 75.

Note the crafty tote behind me there.  Neato!!!



Here we are as clowns, and in those same clowny style outfits that we wore with the princess/queen masks.




I’m on the left.  This might be the year after the princess masks – so 1974.

And check out the nifty plastic floral tote bag on the chair!




I love how creepy the masks look laying face down on the floor.

Well that’s it for the Halloween costume flashback – but I have many many other olde timey family pics I’ll be posting soon.