This nifty old Maid of Scandinavia Co catalogue has some neat cake decorating doo dads that really make me long for the olde timey times of yore.  Not only for the really cool old timey looking items in the catalogue, but for the pictures of the items in the catalogue.  If there’s anything I like just as much at looking at cool old stuff it’s looking at pictures of cool old stuff in a catalogue.

And while we’re at it we might at well blow those pictures WAY THE HELL UP!!!!!

mos baking cover

it's a party page



heads on sticks

cat head on stick

page with clowns etc


cookie cutters


color pumpkins

blown up pumpkin
Could it get any bigger?!??!

page of icing decorations

icing clown heads

clown icing decor

halloween icing decor

paper cake top


And here’s the back cover….

back cover


No Halloween items on the back…but you know I couldn’t let you get away without seeing a close up of these babies…

eggs bacon pancake
Pancake, eggs and bacon! Yum!!!
green bean tartlets
Green Bean Tartlets. 😛

Neato!  (except the green bean tartlets)