I have more G-rated goodness for today.  Some really nifty decals that  would be applied to all manner of things back in the 40s and 50s.  And maybe even the 30s.  And quite possibly the 60s.

But apparently the decal transfer craze has completely passed us by cause I bought these for less than they were sold for originally.


decorative transfers 1


decorative transfers 2


decorative transfers 3


decorative transfers 4


decorative transfers 5


decorative transfers 6


decorative transfers 7


And here’s a really nifty stocking repair kit that resembles a match book.  In fact there were some actual matches in here – but instead of lighting on fire they arrested a stocking run when moistened with the tongue.

I didn’t get to moisten any of them with my tongue though.  They had all been long ago moistened with other tongues and used to arrest stocking runs.

real silk front


real silk back


real silk inside


And here’s some more nifty plastic packaging detail.  I love this stuff!

goody headband


goody head band 2


space savers 1


space savers 2