devilish cheese danish


I know I’m prob freakin your shit by posting an actual post here – but I had to.  I was summoned by my special friend over at and everything else too to make and photograph a recipe out of a Sara Lee danish cookbook and who am I to say no?  To food.  Ever.

And as you, my fine fine reader, may already know…I am a big fan of sweet/salty or sweet/meaty or sweet/pretty much anything – so when I saw this recipes I knew it was for me.

What we’re looking at here is basically just danish with deviled meat on it.  And that’s soooo for me.

Now I know a lot of you are in the “no way jose” camp on trying olde style recipes – esp when they mix a bunch of things that don’t seem to go together.  And that’s why I’m here.  To try the untryable and to tell you that it’s good so that you can feel all warm and fuzzy inside for me, without having to take any of those scary risks yourself.

So here I am to present to you, from the Discover Danish as it Goes International cookbook

The Devilish Cheese Danish!!!




So basically what I did was – instead of cutting a big frozen Sara Lee danish in half horizontally as per the recipe, I took two little mini danishes that were hanging around the house and  I made a danish/deviled meat sandwich out of them!!

And I say deviled “meat” because, although the recipe calls for deviled ham and that is my fave of all the deviled meats, alls I had was a can of deviled chicken. But it worked just as well!

So I mixed the can of deviled chicken with a tablespoon of mayo (yes i do that even though the fat content of the deviled meat is insane.  i always have and i always will.  deal with it.)…



then I put two danishes on a plate…like so…


slapped some deviled chicken on one side (see above pic)…and sandwiched the whole thing together into a mini sandwich!!


And YES IT WAS GOOD!!!!  I ain’t telling no lies!  I have no reason to lie about something like this!

Here’s a pic after I took some bites but sadly the focus wound up on the window screen :(.

But you can see the bite action!


And while I was enjoying this concoction I started to think about how actually baking the deviled meat into a pocket inside the danish or putting blobs of it into a whole full sized danish/coffee cake and then baking it would be!

Fucking good!!!!!!

Ok – that’s it for now.  I’m glad to see that I’m still here.  And If I’m really lucky I’ll do another post here pretty quick on another of my fave foods of all times.

You’ll have to wait on the edge of your seat to find out though….