Last easter I tried my darndest to find some old Easter pics from my olde timey days of being a kid in the 70s, but all I could find were these Donald Duck blow up doll pics (which really was more of a bonus than anything if you ask me).  They happen to be pics of my second birthday, which usually falls on or around Easter anyways.

This year Easter falls on the day after my birthday and all that really means for you is that I am updating my blog in an astoundingly timely manner.  AND I finally found what I was looking for!  Pics of little CPC at Easter!  I was really wanting to find a pic with one of those giant blow up Easter bunnies and sadly the only one i could find is super weirdly discolored.  But I’m sure you won’t mind.

First up is the coveted blow up Easter bunny pic.  I freaking love these things man.  That’s yours truly on the right.

easter bunnies

Next up are just a plethora of easter dress/basket/what have you shots…

c easter dress hat

c easter tv


c&j dolls roses

carol easter 78ish

c j family easter dinner 2
Traditional Ukrainian Easter dinner

Here’s a birthday/Easter combo shot where I have apparently hit the jackpot or something!

c j gb bday easter red checked mug


And here are some cute pics of waking up to easter baskets (and check out those Ronald McDonald dolls!).  I’m the one that looks like I had a really hard night – as per usual…

c&j on bed baskets

c&j baskets ronald mcdonalds

c&j baskets mcdonals

And finally another fab blow up bunny pic of some mystery family and what looks to me like a Chinese restaurant.


Ok!  Happy Easter!  And may you all be showered with blow up bunnies this year!!!!