It’s that time again!

Time to celebrate my birthday by dancing the day and night away on a non stop roller coaster of fun with the whole rest of the world.

Usually I create a special mix for this occasion – but there’s a bit of a time crunch at the old CPC fun factory so this year I’m presenting you with a premade album.

Yes.  This year my gift to all of you is none other than Big Jim “H” and his Hammond Organ Dance Party!

cover square

 You will not be able to control your feet when you hear Big Jim “H” tickle the plastic ivories to such dance classics as My Sweet Lord and House of the Rising Sun.

This is my very own rip of a cassette

side 1

so prepare yourself for that.

Included in the download is all the artwork including the original full tape cover,

cover whole

the cropped cover that you see up yonder, the cropped tape cover with little old me getting down (obv to The Theme From Love Story)

cover square with cpc

and very my own CPC within a CPC meta cover!  How fancy and crafty is that!?!??!

4-19 a go go cover

As well as the tape scans and all that great hammond organ dance music!

And HERE IT IS!!!!

Yay!!!!!  Now go dance like a whirlwind to My Way and Ruby Tuesday!!!!