Man I just cannot get my shit together.  I’ve had these stickers and my remaining old valentines from like 2nd grade or whatever to post forEVER and SHEESH.  I just forget and forget and forget.  And I’ve even had Valentiners hanging out on my porch for weeks now in their Valentine costumes, singing Valentine songs and giving me the puppy dog eyes for some Valentine candy.

That is what they’re doing out there, right?

Anyway – here’s some more of those things you used to use to seal up your envelopes in the olde timey days of envelopes.

Oh and along with the actual Valentine seals, I threw in some wedding/shower ones I had.  Weddings aren’t the first thing I think of when it comes to all things love oriented, but I know a lot of you make that association.  And I won’t hold it against you.

So here’s everything blown up really really big.  So you can see all the nooks and crannys and whatnot.

vintage valentine seals cover

vintage valentine seals page

be mine

for you

to my valentine


vintage wedding seals cover

for your shower 2

for your shower

Oh and I guess you’re gonna have to wait till next year for my old Valentines – where my entire class professed their undying love for me.  It really was a special moment.