I have some actual crafty goodness for you today!

First some ads from this fab Good Housekeeping Needlecraft mag from 1975…



0 cover


Some regular full page ads and some teeny ads that are blown up real big!!  Yay!!!

clown cake




deep pile rug ad






that’s the money making scheme for me!!!



clumsy the clown



oooh la la!


Ok so since the ads were a little clown heavy I thought I’d give you a choice on your crafty project.  You can choose either the Backwoods Yokel doll (aka the Hillbilly Doll) or the Clown Doll (aka Dizzy Izzy Clowns).  The directions for both are included on the pages below.  Of course the directions for the Needlepoint Tote, the Flower Turtle, the Ring Toss, the Baby’s Booties and the Baby’s Bib ‘N’ Wipe are also all included on those pages but I’d prefer it if you chose either the yokel or the clown.






knit clown



instructions 1



instructions 2



instructions 3



instructions 4



Ok!  Have fun!