Were off to a classic CPC-style start to the new year….really late and with food.  Always with the food.

What I have for you today is a couple product advertisement-style cookbooks for you viewing (and yes, cooking) pleasure.  I’ll be stopping later today to be sure you’re making something off this page and I will be checking to make sure that you are enjoying yourself.  So you better be.

The first, a mini Chef Boy-ar-dee cook book, is way more of an advertisement.  It’s a little pull out thing that came out of a newspaper way back when Spaghettios with meat balls was called Beef-O-Getti and it’s got “Advertisement” plastered all over it.

But really it looks like they were just trying super hard to fancy up the whole canned pasta concept.   So if you’re got a can opener and some nuts and cottage cheese you might want to try something off this page…

festive 1


I’m quite partial to this next page.  Except for the stuffed onion and pepper.  Yech.   But really…who doesn’t want their food festooned with little Os???


festive 2


More nuts and cottage cheese to dazzle your guests with…


festive 3


festive 4


or cottage cheese and sausage….


festive 5


or just open a box (which I imagine has at least one can inside).


festive 6


festive 7


Next up is a Chex Cereal cookbook that cost 50 cents.  So it’s advertising that you actually had to pay for.

I’m not posting the whole thing – unless someone screams and crys about it – but I chose a few interesting pages to share with you.


chex 1


chex 2


I’m really intrigued by this Hot ‘N Crunchy Tuna Salad.  It’s kinda like a tuna melt casserole!


chex 3


Nothing says “I opened a box of cereal” like a casserole topped with crunchy squares.


chex 4


And I really hope I’m not the only one thinking Spaghettio Chex Casserole!