First off I’d like to show you this neato Christmas Candy booklet put out by Good Housekeeping in 1961.  It has lots of great pics and recipes for you to look at and drool over and maybe even make!  Yay!!!  I know I’d like to try a few of these recipes.

Ok all of them.


christmas candy 1


christmas candy 2


christmas candy 3


christmas candy 4christmas candy 5

christmas candy 6


christmas candy 7


christmas candy 8


christmas candy 9


christmas candy 10


christmas candy 11


christmas candy 12





Now I know you’ve been having a seizure waiting for me to get to the gruel part but just stay calm.  Here it is…





Nothing but gruel as far as the eye can see!

See I’ve been kinda geeked about watching A Christmas Carol this year.  I’ve always liked it but this year in particular I’ve been watching it like a maniac since prob right after Halloween.  And you know what one of my favorite parts is???? I bet you have an idea!  Yes – it’s when Ebenezer Scrooge is hanging loose in his cold, dark pad and slurps up some delicious, delicious gruel.

I know you think I’m joking but seriously I love that part.  And after my 12 Days of Gruel extravaganza you will too!  You will.

So get yourselves all pumped up cause pretty soon you’re gonna be knee deep in so much gruel you won’t have any choice but to eat a big old bowl of it yourself!!!!