There’s this craze that’s sweeping the nation right now where some people are taking teeny weeny illustrations and blowing them up by 600%.  I thought I’d take part in the hysteria but I don’t know how to do the whole “600%” thing – so I just made some cute shit BIGGER!!!!  Yay!!!

So here are two Christmas ads (and two not Christmas ads) from some 60s Family Circle magazines where I blew some cute shit way the hell up!!!

See how cute this one is at regular size??

FC helps for a holiday season ad


And then…super big n cute!!!!

FC helps for a holiday season ad cropped


Extremely cute regular size cuteness….

timesavers cartoon 1


Then…gigantic and cute!!!

timesavers cartoon 1 cropped 1


timesavers cartoon 1 cropped 2


timesavers cartoon 1 cropped 3


Page 2…regular size…

timesavers cartoon 2


Then… super duper huge n cute n shit!!!

timesavers cartoon 2 cropped 1


timesavers cartoon 2 cropped 2


timesavers cartoon 2 cropped 3


Super fab regular size Tupperware ad…

tupperware party ad


Then…holy shit!

tupperware party ad cropped 1


tupperware party ad cropped 2


tupperware party ad cropped 3


And one more for xmas!

recipe for a merry xmas


DAMN!  Super blown way the hell up!

recipe for a merry xmas cropped

God I love that salad bowl!!!!

Now I personally think this ad could go either way – could be for Christmas or not – but who cares cause it’s freaking awesome!

whitmans candies


And OMG!  Lookit how big that teeny guy is!

whitmans candies copy

I hope he’s bringing that stupendously gigantic box of candy to my house!!!!