Remember way back in July I did that little mini Christmas in July freakout and posted really bad scans of this super neato Christmas Fun Book?

christmas fun book

Yeah, that was pretty cool.

And remember how everyone all over the place was going on and on about how fab it was and how great it would be to use the images for xmas – except for that crappy scan/photoshoppe job?

Yeah I don’t remember most of that either – except the crappy part.

Well I won’t bore you with the particulars today – I’ll just let you know that I punched the hell out of the Christmas Fun Book and RESCANNED the punched out goods and now they are 100% better!  Yay!  So here I have the tags and the paper dolls.And I will provide you with the other stuff as I see fit.

OK!  The tags!!

kitty xmas tag

dog xmas tag

girl xmas tag

santa xmas tag

snowman xmas tag

wreath tag

poinsettia tag

lion tag

vintage tags 1

sorry 'bout the funky shit
sorry ’bout the funky shit
sorry 'bout the funky shit 2
sorry ’bout the funky shit 2


And now the paper dolls!!!


paper girl doll
sorry ’bout the gold star getting cut off a bit – but it wouldn’t be a CPC scan if it wasn’t fucked up somehow!!!!


paper boy doll

And here they are all put together!  Yay!!!

paper dolls

toy store paper doll

Ok that’s it for today.  I’m sure you can find something to stick these in or on 🙂