I’m sure ever since you laid eyes on my last post on Halloween night you’ve been waiting with bated breath to find out about this Deviled Crab business and this Vincent Price Halloween Cookalong thingy.  Well today is finally the day!!!  Everything is revealed and we can all get down with some fine Vincent Price foodstuffs!

And if you cruise on over to the Silver Screen Suppers you will see a list of other folks who also participated with a whole bunch of other recipes from one of Vincent Price’s cookbooks – or you can go directly to them here!!

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I was given a particularly fabulous recipe – esp since crab is one of my all time fave foods of all times!!!!

This here is the recipe…

Carol - Deviled Crab

It’s from The Treasury of Great Recipes, Mary and Vincent Price, published in 1965…


I noticed right off the bat that I was gonna have to cut this recipe in half as I am but a mere person all by myself and I didn’t have $80 burning a hole in my pocket for 2 pounds of crab.  I went with 1 pound and holy freaking moly did I wind up with a ton of food anyway!  The recipe states that it makes 16 crab cakes and with a half recipe I wound up with 14!!!!  And my crab cakes were nothing to sneeze at either!  I didn’t take a pic of one in my hand but they were about lady-palm sized.  That’s on the big size in my book!

So on with the cookin’ part.

I didn’t take a ton of pics – I figured you all knew what minced vegetables looked like and what sautéed vegetables looked like (and I would like to point out here while we are talking about the vegetables that I am not a fan of celery but I went ahead and used it to be as true to the Cookalong action as possible – and you know what???? I couldn’t even tell it was in there – thank GOD!) so fast forward in your brain through the mincing and sautéing (but don’t forget to imagine that 3/4 cup of butter melting in that frying pan!!!) all the way past the frying of the flour into a paste and further past the adding of the milk to HERE!

The crab!!!!!  One pound of fresh crab purchased from a hut on Hwy 101 in the Oregon coastal town of Newport.


Oh you know I took some giant hunks outta there and ate them before they went into the mix.  Like that red one down on the right and that other big hunk on the left over there.  Oh god I want more.  Luckily with 14 crab cakes there’s still plenty to be had!!!

So into the sautéed, pasty, milky stuff went the crab…


It doesn’t look so hot here – but it isn’t FRIED yet!!!!

The next whole hour or whatever was filled with me dipping between egg and flour and deep fryer (yes!  I have one and I used it instead of a pan as Vincent suggests) so I have no pics of that action.  What I do have pics of are my stainless steel military mess hall tray with them half draining and half waiting to go into the oven…


Aren’t they fab?!?!?

This next pic is when they came out of the oven after 15 min at 350.  The before pic was without a flash and the after pic is with a flash – and these guys look a little washed out.  But just try and remember how gorgeous and brown they looked up there – cause they still did!!  No foolin!


And here’s a close up!!!!


And even closer….


And man oh man were these things good!  Incredibly rich and decadent and super intense – and very freaking good.  I ate two for the next three days then froze the rest and I’m hoping against hope that if I pop a couple into the oven for 20 min or so here and there I will be able to enjoy them for a while longer.

I would DEF make these again.  They are not for the faint of heart though – what with all the sautéing, then cooking of paste, then deep frying, then baking, and not to mention the massive amount of butter and the mountain of cakes you wind up with – but hey!  I have no real argument other than hey.  Maybe it’s that you only live once and why the hell not.

Yeah, that’s it!

And thanks so much to Jenny over at Vincentennial Cookblog and Silver Screen Suppers for holding this fabulous Cookalong and giving me these incredibly insanely good deviled crab cakes to make on Halloween!