Here’s some stuff I’ve been making to eat during my horror movie watching festivities of late.  I’m not providing the recipes yet!  So if you’re looking to me to round out your Halloween party munchies and sundries and so forths, then you’re barking up the wrong tree, as it were (and you’re a day late and a dollar short! to squeeze in one more olde timey saying.  pip pip!).

I’ll be back on Nov 4th to reveal the Devil Crab recipe for the Vincent Price Halloween Cookalong.  And I’ll give you the heads up on the rest when I feel like it.  So for now you can look at the pics and imagine me eating all this stuff.  Oh how I wish there were a snack-item loving hoard of zombies outside I could share all this stuff with.  I gots lotsa food tonight!


Deviled Crab

deviled crab

Pimento Cheese Ball

pimento cheese ball

Mammoth Snack Plate

mammoth snack plate
this was actually from last weeks festivities – i just thought i’d throw it in

Cutie Pie Halloween Cup Cakes

cup cakes
from last week too. no cup cakes tonight.

Salted Black Licorice and Other Candies!!!   Is that bag cool or what?!!???!?!?!?!??!?

heksehyl licorice

note ghosty thumb!


Better pic of ghosty thumb


ghosty nail

Happy Halloween!!!!