music to be scared by

Once again I bring you my fave places where you can go to find really cool Halloween music.  If you were hanging around here last year you’ll notice that a lot of these are the same sites I directed you back then – but who cares!  It’s cool shit!!!!  And there new stuff too!

Cottage of Electric Hell


I freaking love this blog.  It’s custom soundtracks for some pretty obscure British horror ripped from VHS – so there’s dialogue and background music and everything mixed together.  This first link is def still working – but you’ll have to wind your way through to see if everything else is. This kind of thing is seriously some of my fave music ever to listen to and something you’ll find more of below!

Island of Terror and Island of Terror on Soundcloud

Top of the Pops (31st August 1978).avi_snapshot_23.11_[2013.08.26_01.22.47]

This blog does similar stuff – but it’s more audio samples of dialogue from vintage horror and background music mixed in with other stuff rather than entire custom soundtracks.  Most of it is on the Soundcloud link – but the main site is totally worth checking out too!

The Ghost of the Weed Garden

Cosmic Cauldron

Massively amazingly creepy mixes with psych/follk/occult rock mixed in as well as horror movie dialogue.

13/Monster Movie Music/Dwrayger Dungeon (honestly i have no idea what to call it – but i don’t think it really matters)

Halloween Queen 39

Here’s more of that taking music and dialogue out of movies stuff that I love.  These guys review a different movie almost every DAY and extract enough sounds and dialogue from it to make a little mp3 track.  It’s seriously so freaking cool and so fun to listen to.

Magic Carpet Burn

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 7.22.27 PM

For like 3 or 4 years now I’ve been linking to this site cause he has the coolest little music player way way down at the bottom of the page.  And every year I wonder if it’s still gonna work cause he stopped updating the site a couple years ago – and it still does!!!!  Go check out the Monster Record Player way down at the bottom and either listen to the zillions of monster songs on there or download them.  The other stuff he posts is great too!  But man that player always geeks me out.

Frayker’s Revenge


This is another one of my all time fave music blogs.  This guy’s stuff isn’t really horror – it’s library music – or background music – from 70s and 80s TV shows and movies and a lot of the stuff he mixes in has a total creepy 70s TV music vibe.  I freaking love it!  It looks like it might not be the easiest to download – I checked the first link and there’s some fabulous cap the file hosting site put on the number of downloads – but check back to see if it works.  It’s totally worth it!

Nate Ashley


This guy does similar stuff with the extracting audio off VHS of DVDs of movies with unreleased soundtracks and makes them for people to download.  He also does these hilarious horror View Master things!  You have to go check them out!  But the MAIN thing I’m directing you to here are the SEVEN volumes of creepy ass, cool as shit horror music compilations he has put together – from soundtracks and from VHS rips. They are called Written in Blood and THEY ARE AWESOME!  HERE is a direct link to the music downloads page.  But check out the rest of the site too!

Monster Mashup


And last but not least the 2013 Monster Mashup!!!!!  Yay!!!!  The red Monster Mashup link up there links to the Facebook page – which is the only place the link was posted so far – HERE is the direct download link.  And while your checking this stuff out you should also check out Mashup of the Day on Facebook cause he’s posting mashups from the last 9 years of Monster Mashup albums.  And it was mentioned that the links for all 9 of the Monster Mashup albums might be posted somewhere this year and I’ll post all that here if I come across them!

Ok – now go get your creepy, Halloweenie music!!!