I’m taking a break cause I’m starting to space out and skim – so I thought I’d bring you all up to speed on my food/snack items for today’s event.  I prepared all this yesterday and basically just started at breakfast – eating it in little bits here and there.

Tortilla rolls made with smoked salmon, cream cheese with lemon peel and lemon juice and green onion…


Giant cheese ravioli with pesto…


Cheese ball!


Garden Herb Triscuits (the best!), Rosted Garlic Rye Cracker Gardettos (also the best!) and a funky caramel corn cob thing with sprinkles.  I am WAY intrigued by this thing and will prob be stuffing it in my mouth here pretty soon.


Aaaannnd….a bag of donuts!  2 orange spice and 2 spice old fashioned donuts from a bakery in town that I freaking love!


Now obv I’m not eating all this stuff today.  There’s 4 donuts in that bag!!  But there’s enough so I don’t get bored or stay hungry for too long.

And as far as the reading goes, I finished Salem’s Lot.  There were really only 100 pages left in the story – the rest were deleted parts from the original manuscript – which I’m interested in but figured I’d just go back to later cause I wanted to get on with the short story action.  I started with this Alfred Hitchcock anthology that I picked up in a bookstore a couple months ago…


and I had stuck a bookmark in it that I had totally forgotten about.  My mom made it for me before she passed away this year and it was a really nice surprise to find it.

The stories are pretty good – some more interesting than others.  It’s def keeping my attention, which is good – except for the last story where I started to space and skim.

I’m 112 pages in – so that’s approx 212 pages I’ve read so far.  I had no idea how fast I could read so to be honest I’m a little disappointed.  I thought I’d be further along.  But I still have 12 hours to go till midnight and if I last that long I’m gonna celebrate by eating that whole bag of donuts!!!!

Ok – back to reading!