Catherine Deneuve and sister Françoise Dorléac

I’m wrapping it up here.  It’s almost midnight and I’m actually pretty psyched and amazed that I made it this far.  I finished the AH anthology that I mentioned in the last post and moved onto More Tales to Tremble By – which was really great!  Took a break from 6 to 7, finished More Tales, then started Comes the Blind Fury by John Saul – which has been kinda so-so to start but I’ve read reviews saying that it’s scary so I’m hoping it’s gonna get scary soon.  Then took more breaks and did more reading – but I got pretty fidgety the last couple hours – and all together the grand total is…

Salem’s Lot – 100 pages

Stories Not for the Nervous – Alfred Hitchcock Anthology – 180 pages

More Tales to Tremble By – 195 pages (I subtracted some for illustrations)

Comes the Blind Fury – 80 pages

 555 pages in 17 hours

I’m sure that’s no Read-a-Thon record – but man it is for me!   This was fun and I’m totally gonna do it again!  Maybe next time I’ll go the whole 24 hour distance.  And I think the short story anthology action is a pretty fab way to go.  It totally breaks things up and gives some major instant gratification on completed stories.



Nighty night!!!