Here I am with my (now) annual Halloween themed pedicure.  Yes, all the toes sticker craze throughout the year started out with this one Halloween post last October (oh and this one!) – and it’s been an almost monthly (but mostly when I feel like it) event ever since.  I’m using the same Halloween nail stickers as last year but I did them a little different

Also!  I have another snack mix to show you!  It’s virtually the same as last year – but I’m pretty partial to this one.

So here are the toes….

halloween toes

I think I grossly overestimated the amount of space I had on my left big toe cause I tried to cram a whole scene with a cat walking along and seeing a jack-o-lantern and some leaves falling from the sky onto it and it just turned out like a bunch of crammed on stickers with some major jack-o-lantern run off.  But it’s still pretty cool and Halloweeny.

cat toe

The other big toe I did with a skull and some groovy black things.

skull toe


Here’s the snack mix…

halloween snack mix

It’s Trader Joe’s Mixed Nuts, Trader Joe’s Smoked Almonds, Trader Joe’s Honey Roasted Macadamia Nuts, Candy Corn M&Ms, Candy Corn Jelly Belly jellybeans, Starburst Candycorn, and Harvest Mix.  And those big square things are these…

japanese cracker

They’re a sweet rice cracker with seaweed and they’re prob my all time fave Japanese cracker.  If you should happen across these during your travels I HIGHLY recommend them.

What I would probably do different with this mix is totally take out the mixed nuts.  They’re fine but they kinda detract from the smoked almonds – which is one of my all time fave things ever.  And the smokey salt gets all over everything – all the candy and the honey roasted macadamia nuts – and it’s freaking amazing!

I also made this great stuffed squash and concealed it on this TV dinner tray.  It almost blends right in!

stuffed squash

No recipe.  I just threw in a bunch of stuff.  Nuts, blue cheese, chard, bacon.

Anywho…that’s about it.