Actually it’s me that needs to turn over a new leaf.

I am going to use this stuffed pancake recipe post as an opportunity to post much much more regularly in the future.  Esp now that I have my fancy new site – even though it is still kinda half-assed looking at under construction, as it were.  But still – it’s a place for me to thrill us all (but mostly me) with my goods!!!  And I do mean goods!

Feel free to join me in this leaf turning endeavor as well!  If there’s something you’ve been laming out on lately you can use this stuffed pancake recipe post to mark the date!  Make it special!  Something to remember!

Now on with the stuffed pancakes!  As I have mentioned in the past I LOVE pancakes. And this old 1968 recipe card from the Shufunotomo Co. Ltd does not disappoint one bit!!  There’s also some deep fried cheese fritters as a side dish – so I figure that all you’d need to round out this meal is a nice tall glass of prune juice or something equally as thick and starchy and you can slip right into a carb overload coma to while away a few hours.



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