So I got all excited cause I was having a conversation with some random schmo about old weird catalogues that have cheap weird crap in them that you buy through the mail and wishing that I had one and then I realized that I have something very similar right under my nose!!!

Weird old crap shopping guides in old magazines!!!

Some of them are Christmas related and some of them aren’t and some of them are through the mail and some aren’t, but they are all “buy this stuff!!!” related so I figure that counts for what I’m aiming for here.

So without further yammering (yeah right) I present you with….

Things you could have bought (most of it out of magazines and through the mail!) if you were so inclined in the 50s and 60s!

I really kinda dig that domed plexiglass serving dealie!  But that could just be cause of the jello salad looking stuff in it.

This one for new toys says “concluded” but I don’t know where the other part is.  But man – that magnetic chicken puzzle is cool!  And the Deluxe Camper…holy crap!  I love you little green camper!

I kinda like those little pitcher measuring cups.  
I don’t actually want to own an olde timey telephone shaped pencil sharpener, but I’m glad I can see a picture of one!!

On the other hand – the Jolly Clown Giant Flashlight is right up my alley.  As well as the Circus Animals and the Purple Cow Breakfast Set.  But the Haunted House Bank pretty much makes me want to get into a time machine with $5.95 and 60 cents postage in my pocket.  

We actually had one of those rubber Improve Your Figure things hanging on a door handle somewhere in the house I grew up in.  Actually I think there were two different models.  I wonder if they were procured through the mails?!?

I actually have a couple of those Colored Lotus Bowls!

Man – I dig that Electric Hot Pot and the Automatic Hand Sewing Machine and the Clean-sweep Vacuum For Cars – even though it’s entirely possible that they would all last about 10 min.  And Believe it or not I actually used to have that From Egg to Chick thing.  I sold it on eBay long ago.  It only hatches one egg!  What good is that?

I do dig those odd shaped Floral China Bone Dishes.  I wonder if that’s a sneaky way of saying that they aren’t made of Bone China.

Ahhh!  Metal Jukebox Coin Bank!  It plays music when you drop a coin in!  Damn!  I want that thing!

Ok – those rooster slippers are just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.  

Oh man!  Leopard print safari booties!!  Those are def for me.  Maybe I could wear a rooster slipper on one food and a leopard bootie on the other.

And who woulda thunk that Spencer Gifts would sell Snow Skates.  Huh.