So, if you’ve been reading my blog this month you undoubtedly noticed TWO posts (wow).   These two to be precise, both dealing with the timely and urgent subject of Christmas in July, and even more precisely with a Christmas Fun Book from sometime in the late 60s/early70s!!!!!!

This here is the final Christmas Fun Book post, with more xmas letters and seals and some tags and a Santa and a tree.  So hold onto your hats that are on your hot heads, cause things are gonna get a little chilly around here.

Where’s my shawl….

First up is another batch of folding card/letter things with seals (!)!  Cute!

Here’s the back….

And here are some bigger card thingies…. (and seals!)

aaaannd the back….

Would you not love to get something like this in the mail??????  I know I would!

Next is a Santa with moving appendages and some really neat gift tags.  Now, I have mentioned in the other posts how crappy my Photoshopping has been with these pages from the Christmas Fun Book but for some reason it just kept getting worse.  Nothing lined up properly and I was pretty exasperated – so what you see is what you get.  Sorry.  It’s still really cool to look at!

Anywho…here’s Santa!

And last but not least – the back cover  – which is a partridge in the pear tree sort of thing.  This is the only part of the book that has seen better days.  It looks like it got a bit damp at some point and three of the tree ornament circles are missing (and you get to look at my squishy little fingers through the hole!!!).  But it’s still really cool to look at and I love the little drawings in the circles – like the little leaping lord!!  You could even come up with your own circles for the parts of the song that are missing!

And here’s the back with my two squishy fingers.  heh.

Alright!  That’s it for the Christmas Fun Book!  I might be back with a few more xmas goods here and there before xmas – who knows.  I’m just super impressed that I got this whole book posted by the end of July.