Last week sometime I did a Christmas in July post (one of, what looks like it’s going to be, three) to take everyone’s minds off the loser heat and redirect everyone’s minds to fab xmas pics and stuffs.  In that first post I showed you some cool ornaments and letters and stuff you can print out and use however you see fit for the coming festivities.  In this post I am going to provide you with some really cool games that you can print out and play!!!!!!!!!!  Yay!!!!

Now, as I said last time, this book is big – so I had to scan each page in two parts and put it back together in Photoshop and, since my Photoshop skills would barely fill a dollhouse sized thimble, there are some issues.   You’ll see…..

Here are some smaller games that look really fun.

And HERE…is the BIG GAME!!!!!  It takes up the full two-page centerfold (not that kind of centerfold!) of the book – so basically 4 different images had to be Photoshopped together.  I decided to post the full game board as well as the two separate pages since my full on pieced together board game looks kinda lame.

So here are the two separate pages if you have better PS skillz and wanna try and put it together yourself.

PLUS!!!!!!  Game pieces you can punch out (or cut out, in YOUR case) and fold and stand up!!!!

Freaking neat-o!

See!  There’s Santa’s House and Santa’s Workshop and a CANDY TREE!!!  And a bridge and a “Number Cube” and some little elfen dudes!!!  Like all the other pages in the book the backside is also colored in for the pieces.

And see how the backside is the INSIDE of the buildings!!!!  I love that!!  So freaking cute!

Ok – that’s it for this installment.  The next and last Christmas Fun Book post will be the rest of the book and I will do everything in my power to post it before the end of July.