So, yeah – it’s 22/31sts of the way into July already and I’m just getting around to thrilling the HOT out of you with some xmas goodness (and I doooo mean HOT – it’s in the freaking 90s here all week.  sheesh.  i know, i know…it’s in the hundreds elsewheres and i’m whining about 90s – but hey – i’m a weenie).

What I have for you today is the first installment of a really really groovy Christmas Fun Book from, what looks like to me to be, the early 70s – cause the images in this baby look a lot like what my sister and I were dealing with, illustrationwise, when we were wee tots back then.

It’s a huge (10 1/2 x 16!) book that was so huge I had to scan it in halves so, once again, you get my subpar photoshopping.  I’m hoping that either you can deal or you can just fix it yourself if you are so inclined and it bothers you that much.

This book is full of really neat activities from cover to cover.  Every page has something on both the front and back – so the back of the front cover looks like this…..

See!  All those pics on the cover are actually tags that you can punch out and use!!!   Isn’t that cool??
There are also ornaments…
a paper doll with clothes and a little teeny doll (!)…..
and little folding letter things you can send through the mail and seals you can seal them with!!!
So what I’m thinking here is that you can either print all this cool stuff out and use it as it was originally intended (wow!!) or you can just use the little pictures in your tags and cards and whatnot that you might be making for this coming xmas (yay!!).  Either option sounds cool to me.   
And you can even use your very own photoshoppe super powers to make these images look better (cause I kinda sucked at that).
Coming up next!!!!…..
Fun xmas games and puzzles – including a double page board game with punch out game pieces!