While I was leafing through this vintage McCalls Needlework & Crafts mag from 1972 I came upon some pretty freaking patriotic craftwears.  

I was kinda surprised when I checked the date on the mag that it wasn’t from Spring/Summer of 1976 though cause of all that bicentennial hullabaloo that was going on that year.  If you were even remotely cognizant of TV at all during that year you know what I’m talking about.

Anywho…I thought there might be some patriotic crafty people out there who might like to make their very own red, white and blue garb for the coming festivities tomorrow (if it’s a gown you’re after you’ll be knitting or crocheting all night long, I’m afraid).

First up is this fab, crocheted, granny square gown (I personally would like to see it worn without the undergarment, thank you very much).  McCall’s refers to this as the At-Home Gown.

Get out your crochet hooks cause here’s the pattern!

Next up we have two more stunningly patriotic gowns (sorry about the crappy photoshopping).   The first is the very involved, knitted Star-Studded Gown on the left and on the right is the crocheted Tricolor Gown.

Star-Studded Gown pattern is in 3 parts…..

And the directions for the Tricolor Gown are all on this one page!  Yay!

And for those of you who might need a handbag for your 4th of July goings on here are a few to choose from….

The heart and “I LOVE YOU” bags are referred to as the Sweetheart Bags on the pattern page below and the drum bag is referred to as the Zip-Top Bag.  Knock yourselves out with novelty goodness!!!

I, personally, will be lounging around at home in my very own At-Home Gown (sans slip, of course).

Happy 4th!!!