Cool It, Carol!  is a cute movie that has a lot to offer.  Some food, dancing and a little nudie action (plus some men in small underwear!) and groovy atmosphere.  Some of the dudes are creepy, but in the end it all about Carol and she’s really cool.  Yay!!

First we’ll take a gander at the foodstuffs…..

HP Sauce

Then we’ll move on to the nudie action….

Short Skirts….
and Girly Mags
And Short Skirts and Girly Mags Together! (that mag is Mayfair btw)

There’s some nice lingerie action (both women’s and men’s!)

Of course some boobs…

with disgusting sweaty, leering men

Carol’s all Ew!!!!

There’s also a scene with a groovy round bed in a room with white shag carpet lined walls!

I wonder what goes on in here???

There’s also a couple dancing scenes in the movie – and you know how crazy that makes me!

Pretty crazy, in case you were wondering.

Go, Carol go!!!

Nudie dancing!!  Yay!!!

While I was watching Cool It, Carol! I decided to get in some pedicure action.  I picked up this really groovy flower nail sticker thing and thought I’d give it a whirl.

They’re similar to ones I’ve done in the past only these are more like actual stickers.

They tell you to just peel them off when your done, as opposed to removing them with nail polish remover (which is how you remove the other brand).  I put a clear coat of nail polish over the stickers though – so we’ll see what happens when it’s time for them to come off.

Here’s a close up of my big toe…

and here’s all the toes….

and here’s my groovy toes while I’m watching Cool It, Carol!!!!!


UPDATE 7/22/13:

They do just peel right off!  Some left a little bit of sticky gooby stuff behind but it scraped off pretty easily.  I would totally do these again.  BY FAR the easiest toenail decor to apply and remove!