So, since I already showed you something really cool in my first canning post of the year, I thought I’d show you something today that you probably could care less about.  Heh.

But if you’re anything like me you get geeked out about absolutely nothing, so you’ll be writhing around on the floor at the sight of some of these jar lids (and yes, i am actually, eventually going to show you the jars that go with these lids…just keep your pants on!).

First up is a lid to an old jar that isn’t a canning jar.  It’s an old horse radish jar.

I just love the HOT with the little hot lines all around it.

Next up is a really cool cartoon fruit lid that was made to fit on any regular mouth canning jar after you took off the two piece dome lid and metal ring.  It was prob made sometime in the 70s.  I found a whole bunch of these in different colors, as well as a bunch of old jars and other lids, in a house that I moved into a while ago.  Some of them were rusty – but as long as they aren’t too rusty or rusty on the inside they’re a ok by me!

These next lids are a variety of lids for regular mouth canning jars.  Some are old mayo and miracle whip (or oyster!) lids and some are old one piece canning jar lids and some are the two piece glass dome lid with the metal screw on part that use a separate rubber ring.  I actually have one two piece glass lid with the metal screw on part for a wide mouth jar too – but I dont have a pic. I found a ton of these old metal one and two piece lids in that same house!  And if you don’t think I was rolling around on the ground in a fit of ecstasy when I found them you don’t know me very well.

My faves here are the two white ones in the lower left corner.  I LOVE that little pineapple/fruit bowl illustration!!!  And the kissing fish are really cute too!

Next are some of the rubber rings I mentioned earlier.  The tattler lids are newer plastic lids that replace those glass ones up there and you can buy those and the thin red gasket rings on their website.

The Reliable Seal rings come in regular and wide mouth and I bought those at a farm stand a few years ago.  Here’s a link where you can buy them online.  They are put out by Viceroy – and that Viceroy box there is a pretty old one.  I think I found those in my grandparent’s basement.  I still have quite a few boxes of those too.   Oh and that red box at the bottom is another thing I found in that house.  It’s a box of waxed paper discs to put on jars when you make jelly.  I’m not sure if you use a lid after that or what.  I’ve never really looked into it.

And here are just some loose rings and glass lids.  I have TONS.  Canning jars and anything having to do with canning jars are one of my great weaknesses.

And yes, I do reuse the rings.  I have never had a problem with them until they start to get a little hard or torn.  Then I throw them away.  And I always turn my glass lid jars upside down over night to test them to make sure they sealed.  Dont’ let anyone tell you you can’t use them anymore!!!!!!!

So, that’s it for the lids.  Up next!!!!!!  Jars!!!!!!