With the growing and canning season sneaking upon us here, I thought I’d do a few canning related posts this week (i know, i know…porn/food/porn/canning.  it’s confusing.  just relax and enjoy this lifestyle blog for what it is.  a porn, food, canning lifestyle blog!!!).
This first canning related post is a really great book I got as a gift a little while ago.  It’s a little canning booklet called So You’re Canning… put out by the American Crystal Sugar Co and is probably the coolest little canning booklet I have ever seen.  It doesn’t say when it came out – but it was def long long ago cause it has a recipe for mincemeat using real meat (ew.  but i’m sure someone will appreciate it).  It also has some pretty basic jam and jelly recipes and some interesting relishes and lots of basic canning and pickling info – but the most fabulous thing about it are the illustrations.  
Seriously – they are mind-blowingly cool!  
So do yourself a favor an thrill the hell out of yourself by looking at this incredible book here and even printing it all out and making it into your very own little canning booklet!!!